Monday, December 12, 2005

Labor Party seeks first time ballot access in South Carolina

The Labor Party has announced that they intend to conduct a ballot access drive in South Carolina. Party Builder, an internal party publication that accompanied the latest copy of Labor Party News (pdf format), says that "The initial objective is to attain certification as a political party and thereby gain ballot access."

The Labor Party has an electoral strategy that depends on taking a practical approach, putting resources into efforts that are likely to produce fruit. To date the Labor Party has not sought a ballot line of their own anywhere in the US. Since 1996 the Labor Party has been waiting for the right opportunity, and it looks as though they are ready to take the bull by the horns.

The South Carolina Green Party has used fusion in the past, running one of our nominees on the United Citizens Party ticket as well as the Green Party line. The Labor Party has a stated policy of refusing fusion with the major parties.

South Carolina law requires that 10,000 signatures be filed on a petition to establish a new party formally in South Carolina. A brief conversation with Richard Winger of the Ballot Access News seems to indicate that earlier agreements between the Natural Law Party and the state Elections Commission would suggest that the Labor Party may have until as late as May to file the needed signatures, but the Labor Party has a self-imposed deadline of late January.
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