Saturday, December 10, 2005

First News from California Plenary Session

The California Greens gathered today at the University of California at Davis. On the agenda is the question of leaving the Green Party of the United States, or remaining in the national party.

I'll admit at the top that I had no idea that this possibility existed until a person posted a series of brief messages at Ken Sain's now defunct blog saying that the California Greens were deciding on leaving the national this weekend. The writer seemed convinced that the California Greens would be going it alone.

I have been able to reach Wilson Shealy, who is coordinating housing for the delegates at the plenary and otherwise doing the logistics that are needed to keep things running smoothly. He said that the woman who is handling the details of the discussion/debate about remaining or leaving is Cat (Kat?) Woods, and I have asked Wilson to have her give me a call when she is free, which I hope she will. I expect a call from her, or others, at about 10 PM West Coast Time...otherwise known around these parts as 1 AM.

With that in mind, expect a more complete picture of what happened in California today at about 1:30 AM, East Coast Time. If you have contacts in California, ask them what they know, and let the rest of us know!

Until and unless it becomes a problem, this site is set up so that you do not have to register to post replies to messages I, or others, leave. Just click on "0 comments" and add your comments. We all need to know what you think.
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