Saturday, December 10, 2005

On the other coast...

Greens elected to the Portland Maine School Committee have drawn fire for being Greens, although it looks as though they are being accused of shady dealings by the other members of their school committee.

The Portland Press Herald published a story today that indicates that the Green members of the Portland School Committee are under attack for one of two reasons. From the article:

The move sparked criticism from other committee members, who questioned whether the Green members had violated open-meeting laws when they developed the task force initiative.

Later in the article the reporter wrote:

The Green members have championed such issues as limiting military recruiters and banning Boy Scouts of America fliers from schools because the organization bans homosexuals.

Now dear friends, knowing what you know about how politics works in this country, and knowing what you know about Greens and Green Values, which story do you believe?
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