Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just trying to post photos

So I can link to them at Green Party Watch
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What the world needs now is another website

The Daily Gregg

Two minutes or less. A webcast on Blog Talk Radio. Text at the The Daily Gregg blog.

All for free! Ain't it a wonderful world?
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where did he go?

Of course that may not be a question you have ever asked about me, but if you have, I can tell you with great satisfaction that I am now available for reading at Green Party Watch. I hope that you will visit us over there as often as possible, and please consider adding your voice either as a commenter or as an author.

And, if you have a site of your own, please consider linking to GPW. Here is a button you can use:

To get the button on your site just paste this into your template, or simply post it into a post. Replace the "*" with a "<" and the "#" with a ">".

*a href="http://www.greenpartywatch.org"#
*img src="http://www.greenpartywatch.org/images/greenpartywatch_170x50.jpg"# */a#
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ain't technology grand?

As I was looking to find out if I can afford to attend the Nominating Convention in Chicago, I went to look at Google Maps. Lo and behold, those buggers have a street level photo of my house! That's right...home of the Green Rush Limbaugh right here for all to see!

OK...so here's the skinny. Ours is the home with the garage door open. The red van is my work vehicle. The white Explorer is my wife's, but my In-laws use it now, and the blue van is one of my Mother In-law's therapists.


View Larger Map
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Friday, June 06, 2008

Kent Mesplay, US Presidential Candidate on Sustainability

This fine video is one of a series which will be pulled together into a movie about being Green. Can't wait!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Green Party on Current TV

The video was made by Little Tree Media, and is showing on TV on these channels:

You can watch Current TV online or enjoy it from the comfort of your couch:

directv channel 366
dish network channel 196
comcast channel 107
at&t u-verse channel 189
time warner check listings

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Well, I've been doing this blog for what, a year and a half? Two? I actually can't remember. It has been up and down, but while I appreciate ever so much each of you for visiting here, and while I do intend to continue posting here, the posts may be more opinion than news, and more infrequent than I might prefer. I like knowing that you folks read what I write.

But of course, while I have taken long breaks from here, occasionally for better than a month, I know your need for news related to the Green Party. I am not the only source of news about the GP, but I have tried to bring you more than what one might find in Google or Yahoo!

Now, that has evolved. I have joined almost a dozen other Greens to write for Green Party Watch. Registered to Ronald Kane Hardy of Babblemur fame, the site has grown from a registration just over a week ago to a full fledged website with an active community of readers than numbers close to 100 a day at this point. I think the MOST I ever got here was maybe twenty or thirty. I'm not complaining, just excited about a project that is going so well.

So...feel free to grab yourself an RSS feed (that little orange dot with two waves comming off it in the right hand corner of the address bar) and check it from time to time and see if I have posted anything new here...or stop by any time! It's always free....

Peace...oh! I am also writing a once-a-day column for Independent Political Report and hope you'll visit there from time to time as well.

And, don't forget Green Party Watch
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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Google has apparently got a phrase that they say reflects something about the company: Don't be evil.

Google owns Blogger, where I write this. They own YouTube. They own Gmail, Google Earth, and of course, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which they purchased in a leveraged buy out involving Yoko Ono, Michael Jackson, Queen Beatrix and the Church of Scientology.

But there are alternatives. There's Mapquest, and Riseup email and the New Tabernacle Singers...and Vimeo.

Vimeo is the YouTube alternative. Here's an example of the stuff there, and while this is not professionally done, the woman's logic is spot on. She observes that the worser evil we are supposed to not vote for is seldom as horrible as the lesser evil, and the differences between lesser and greater evils is so small...

But to me the perfect line was where she said "What they say when they run for office is pretty different, but what they do when they get there really isn't."

The video is by Rachel MacCratic. Take a look:

McKinney for President from Rachel MacCratic on Vimeo.
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Green News Daily Roundup - Morning Edition

Over at The Champion Newspapers they are carrying a piece about Cynthia McKinney winning support in her native Georgia at the state Green Party convention back on May 3rd, securing seven of that state's eight delegates. Kat Swift won the eight delegate.

The Park Slope Greens in NYC are encouraging their membership to attend the city convention and get set to be a delegate to the nominating convention set for July in Chicago.

Stories In The News of Ketchikan, Alaska carries an editorial about third parties, calling us "ever hopeful".
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