Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Human Rights Day and Kidnapped Green

In Colombia, on the 10th, International Human Rights Day, (note brief article below) a new book was released detailing a number of peace initiatives by local groups and international groups to bring some sort of peace to that war torn area.

The article points out that, even though they face arrest, torture, kidnapping or murder, progressive and peace loving activists like Ingrid Betancourt continue to stand up and demand what's right.

If these sixty or so examples from Colombia don't inspire us to action, well, what would? If these people, union organizers, peasant's representatives, small business leaders, priests, if they can stand up when faced with kidnapping and death, surely we can get off our hip pocket long enough to send $10 to the Green Party.

Rosa, Ingrid, and untold thousands across the planet have already done the heavy lifting for us. What we need to do now is think. We want the United States to be sufficient in energy, right? We don't want others to be able to control us by controlling our energy, right?

Then how in the world can we not donate to the Green Party? Do we want independence from corporate money? Well, guess who's money we need to replace that corporate money? That's right...yours!

So give. Toss a few dollars into the collective hat, and let's get busy making change instead of internal enemies!

My Green opponents are not the problem. It's a few thousand very rich people and the corporate, governmental and political structure they have put in place over generations to protect their control that are the problem.

Dems and Pubs pretend to disagree at the highest levels, and it is there that I believe there is no difference between the two. The rank and file of the two larger parties are not on the same wavelength, but the people at the top basically are. They are all, D and R equally, pro-military, pro-corporate, pro-government, pro-centralization and pro-status-quo. There is no such thing as a revolutionary Democrat or Republican at the top of these parties. Neither Reagan nor Clinton were revolutionary in any real sense, and all government is a stage/business/sandbox for too many people who are supposed to be representing us.

Guess you could say I'm opinionated. Who knew?
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