Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Every parent's nightmare...and every child's

As a child I remember thinking how horrible it would be if a member of my family were kidnapped. May sound wierd, and maybe it is, but I thought about such things, and they terrified me.

As an adult, and parent, now grandparent, of two girls, I have known real fear wneh I couldn;t find one of my children. Even though she was with her now husband, at the time I had her kidnapped in my mind. I can't remember ever feeling more hopeless and helpless

Ingrid Betancourt, Partido Verde Oxygena candidate for President of Colombia, continues to suffer illegal inprisonment by the FARC, an armed faction in Colombia's confusing (to me) political and economic world. She campaigned by focusing on the crimes of both the drug lords and the government lords, including their para-militaries, on all sides.

Ingrid and Clara Rojas, an campaign manager, were kidnapped by the FARC. As we approach four years of captivity for these amazing and powerful women, the BBC is reporting that the AUC, one of these para-militaries, has disarmed. Even the leader and commander surrendered their weapons.

This opportunity, this opening, can be a crack in the door that is needed to move forward on securing Ingrid and Rosa's freedom. Please consider sending an email to the Colombian Embassy, or a fax, encouranging the Colombian government to avoid armed conflict with the FARC in any attempt to rescue Rosa and Ingrid, and asking them to use the utmost effort to peacefully secure their release. If you can write in Spanish, even poorly, write in Spanish. Everyone appreciates the effort to communicate. But if you can't write in Spanish, write anyway. They have translators if needed. :-) The Columbian Embassy in Washington DC can be reached at 202-232-8643-fax, or at emwas@colombiaemb.org

Don't be nasty. The government deserves that I am sure, but we're trying to help Ingrid and Roas, not ourselves. Thanks. ~Gets down off his little cyber soapbox and sits down~
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