Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gay Asian Green wants to handle state's money

Dan Rodriguez-Schlorff is running for Treasurer of Illinois on the Green Party ticket. He is the first openly gay Asian candidate for state wide office in Illinois. Running him alongside Rich Whitney for Governor, Julie Samuels for Lt. Governor and Karen Young for Secretary of State, the Illinois Green Party is obviously not waiting for anyone's permission before getting real serious about effecting politics in their state.

In the Press Release issued by the campaign, they point out that Rodriguez-Schlorff is both an ordained minister, and more importantly to the campaign for treasurer, he is an independent broker (stocks I assume, but don't know for sure), and a member of the National Green Party's finance committee.

I know IL is a more "sophisticated" state than many others, and they have undoubtedly got some of the finest organizing minds in the nation, but come on folks! Let's not let them get away with having the fullest high-quality slate in the land! Get busy and recruit your state's next Dan Rodriguez-Schlorff or Karen Young. Illinois people are the greatest, but your state can give them a run for "most effective state-wide slate"...right? I know it's the holiday season, but take some time between shopping, eating and sleeping (the things I do during the holiday season) and look at the folks you know in your state. The activists who works hard and never winds up in the spotlight. The backbone of the local food pantry who would be the greatest candidate for city council. The small business owner who puts up the sign after school that says "students welcome" instead of "no more than two students at a time." The "soccer mom" who raised such a stink about not having soccer fields for her daughter that she shamed her county government into building a field for children to play on.

These are the real citizen-candidates we need. Like Dan and Karen, Julie and Rich, you know people right in your town who you would work hard for. Find them, ask them to run for office as a Green, and put your back into their campaign.

As Stephen Post said, "The surest way to predict the future is to invent it."

Or, as The Clash said, "The future is unwritten". Go write it!
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