Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A view from Green Commons

jlundell wrote about the question of Peter Camejo as substitute for Ralph Nader in the 2004 California primary. To find out what s/he had to say, just click here.
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Dean Myerson, the very capable former head honcho of the Washington DC office, and now on the staff at The Green Institute wrote me a brief note. He's had a hard time getting this posted here, so I am doing it for him.


Dean: The key thing regard Jonathan Lundell's response regarding the intent of the primary vote is that many Camejo voters have used the turnout in that primary vote (tens of thousands) to calculate claims of representation.

Jonathan's perception of who Greens support would only involve those who were active - attending meetings, posting on the internet, etc. Tens of thousands of people who voter for Camejo for President had no opportunity to express any intent to Jonathan, only the hundreds or few thousands who participate.

I echo Lou Novak's "huh???".

I'm not looking at my post right now, but I'm fairly sure that one of my points was that our primary system makes it impossible to know what the second choices of the voters might be, and that delegates are forced to use their best judgement. Perhaps instead we should have asked Dean....

I'm afraid I must be missing Dean's point; I have no idea where he's going with that argument.
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