Monday, December 19, 2005

Being the "Green Rush Limbaugh"

How are we similar:

Neither of us graduated from university, although we both attended college.

We both had pilonidal cysts. Fun, fun!

We were born in the 1950s. '51 for him, '58 for me.

He's lived in Pittsburgh, I've visited Pittsburgh.

We both like a good Cuban, although we may define "Good Cuban" differently.

We both are addicts. His: Oxycodone. Mine:Video Poker

We both have an ego as big as all outdoors.

We both believe passionately that our philosophy and political party are what the world needs.

Now, don't for a moment believe that Limbaugh and I are alike in our political philosophy. We are not. My political and social philosophy are based on the Ten Key Values of the Green Party. I believe these Ten Key Values are central to planetary survival in the long term. I believe the Ten Key Values are going through the "Three Stages of Truth" that Schopenhauer speaks of in today's "Thought of the Day". And I believe that my party, my ugly, sick-as-a-puppy, down on it's luck, hardscrabble Green Party is a baby growing into beautiful youth. We need to adopt not a word or thought represented by the rantings of a Rush Limbaugh, but we must reach out to the millions of people who are amongst his fans.

I believe that a substantial base of the Rush audience is his because he doesn't quibble. Neither will I. I am 100% certain that, over enough time, I will piss off almost all of you. I am not one to stand on niceties. I stand on principals. And if that means making a reader angry, oh well. Not that I'm trying to anger folks, but I believe what I believe, and give everyone access to respond, even those who want to remain anonymous.

I am also, like Limbaugh, a passionate and partisan member of my party. Listen, I'm going to try hard to be as honest and above ground as I can here. I want this to be an "open source" political blog experience. I'll say it here and now. I think I have some good ideas for the Green Party, and I know my readers are going to have great ideas, and I intend to push the Green Party to adopt the policies and programs I believe will grow the Green Party. I expect my readers to do the same, and to challenge me when they think I am off track.

I'll also make no bones about the role I think a "Green Rush Limbaugh" could play for and in the Green Party. I hope that CNN and Fax News contact me to do a piece on why my blog is skyrocketting, and why do I call myself the "Green Rush Limbaugh". Not only would that mean eyeballs for the site, but for all the readers who comment, and all the pages linked to here.

I'd love to write, or co-write, an unabashed book with a title like "Bush Stole the Election, 911 Was a Set-up, and the Economy is a House of Cards: How the Democrats and Republicans sold their birthright and parties for filthy cash and raw power". I'd love it to be on the NYT Bestsellers list. I'd love to be at a party and hit up JK Rowling for a HUGE donation to the Green Party internationally. I'd love to sit next to Michael Moore on the Daily Show and say, "Hey dude, where are your balls?", and ask him point blank why he supported a war criminal and never even gave the Cobb or Nader campaigns a serious look in 2004.

Of course, I'll be OK if I can just be interesting enough to get you to come back again some day.

I'm trying to figure out how to do some stuff with this system, and I'm sure I'm going to break the entire Internet some day by messing around here. I can see the headlines now. So-Called "Green Rush Limbaugh" Breaks Internet:Hundreds of Thousands Die Worldwide

The point is, hang in there with me as I get better at this, and I hope that you'll be happy you did. For now, sadly, I must make this adieu. I need to get to work, and will try to post again later tonight.

There is Green News today of course, but I just can't get to it right now. Later, I promise.

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Just as long as you are not 92% rhetoric like Limbaugh I'm okay with a Green Limbaugh. lol
Gee, maybe i shouldh've gotten your autograph at the previous sc green conventions....
... next time, you'll have a full scale entourage.
or maybe i should just wait for the glossy 8 x 11s?

Steven Ro we
*Laughing* I ought to have some professional 8 x 11s made from with the photo here at the blog. Its' about 15 years old, and they have not been gentle on my physique, that's for sure. I had it made when I was pretending to sell real estate in Rock Hill, but then again, you folks already know how far downhill I have come since that picture was taken.

Thanks for the comment Steven. I really do hope my sense of humor will be engaging for folks. I'll be thinking aloud more about what I want to do to grow the audience for Green ideas.
Geeze...what I crummy host I am. Sorry naoko, you left a great comment, and I didn't say a word. ~Smile~ I think that I am going to try to bring in as much actual Green Party news as I can. A lot of it I will have to create. The largest readership I have had for the site was the first few days after the California Green Party plenary, when folks were coming here looking for info they couldn't get elsewhere.

To do that in an ongoing fashion will take some effort. I hope that you'll keep me on task not only as a Green partisan blow-hard, but as a source for Green News and Opinion, just like the blog says.

I am really grateful to you folks who have taken the time to visit, and especially to comment.

Bartender, I want to buy everyone in this place a beer. One beer and 47 straws. Paraphrase of Richard Pryor
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