Saturday, December 17, 2005

Too Darn Much Going On

It's Saturday, and the blog is officially a week old. In that week 42 articles have been published, but in truth I am still trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. I feel pretty good about the response, and I know a lot of folks stopped by for an initial visit, and they may not be back for some time. hopefully when they do come back they will find stuff that gives them a reason to return again and again.

I assume recent visitors have seen the "Welcome Yahoo!" etc. What I did was invest a few dollars in Yahoo! ads. If I have this figured out right, every person who clicks through via a Yahoo! ad will cost me a dime at most. Of course, if this works well, I won't be able to afford it, but if it doesn't work well, what's the point, right? Anyway, as I wrote, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The interesting thing I have done though is essentially invite folks who do a search via Yahoo for the phrase "Rush Limbaugh". Right there next to the ads for his books at Amazon and his ties at Target (No idea really, I didn't look at the actual ads) will sit my ad declaring something along the lines of "The Green Rush Limbaugh" and some details about my view of politics and the Green's role therein.

The ad should begin to run on Wednesday. Of course, the ads may get the visitor no further than the "welcome" page, but the way I figure it, if we convert a Rush fan who believes what we do, but doesn't know it, then we have both won a Green, and likely taken a vote out of the Republican or Democratic Party's bag-o-tricks.

Any way, as I say, there's too much going on. I get to go to Columbia today to spend some time with my daughter and her family. The president has been caught spying on US citizens (Didn't we warn folks!?) and the USA PATRIOT Act has been rejected, temporarily I'd imagine, at least in part as a result of these revelations.

In Colombia the ELN has entered into expected peace talks with the Uribe government. Ingrid Betancourt, the Green Party's nominee for Prez of Colombia who was kidnaped by the FARC along with her campaign manager Carla Rojas, may have a slightly better prospect now that things are moving forward. This step follows the disarmament of a right-wing paramilitary. Unfortunately, so far the FARC has not engaged the Colombian government in a dialog, accusing the government of deceit.

Nancy wants me to help her train her Search and Rescue dog today too, so some of the changes I had hoped to make today will hafta wait until tomorrow.

I also wanted to note that after a week the site has been hit over 250 times. While I get the impression that a lot of those hits are coming from forty or so folks, the site is getting hits from seemingly new folks all the time. I am enthused, and thank all of you for hanging out here. Let me know what I can do to make the site more useful to you please.
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No offense, but I certainly don't see you as the "Green Rush Limbaugh". The issue with Rush is not that he's a conservative/reactionary/proto-fascist; there are plenty of examples out there of that type who are at least acceptable as part of the fabric of political thought. The problem with Limbaugh is that he is rock stupid. He holds these opinions and doesn't even make the slightest attempt to back them up; his entire show could be recreated in a dive bar between two uneducated drunks, only one of whom is literate enough to have found a newspaper. And if nothing is sufficiently vehement, he just makes stuff up.

Granted, you and I have disagreed on matters in the past, but you are assuredly far, far, far above Limbaugh's class (or lack thereof!)
*Chuckling* Thanks Steve.

In fact, I have been thinking of why I choose that moniker, and in part I think it's to draw attention to me and the site. I'm running out of time this morning, stayed up too late last night, but before I leave for work this morning, I plan to post a message about me being similar, and dissimilar, to Rush.

BTW, I think the links to the poll are up and working. I'll have a comment on the poll before I go to work too.
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