Saturday, December 17, 2005

Making Friends and Influencing People

As readers know, I am not the Green Party's most able diplomat. In fact, "Bull in a political china closet" might fit pretty good. I blame it on my impulse control disorder, but that's probably a crock. I'm likely just immature.

At any rate, one of my personality traits is impatience. I want a bumper sticker that says "Immediate Gratification Takes Too Long".

I have always believed that the Ten Key Values are not only spiritually and politically right, but strategically right too. Nonviolence is the only strategy that makes sense to me. Likewise decentralization and grassroots democracy and feminism. Perhaps it's a stretch to think of these things as strategies, but I do.

So, how does this tie together? I have made a poll. Points to the POLL-VOTE HERE link above. The poll will give us the top five preferences of voters for Green Party spending. There are sixteen ways listed to spend Green Party money. How would you spend the money?

My hope is that, over time, the various Green Party decision makers will use this sort of polling/sampling to make some strategic decisions. I trust the judgment of a hundred voters over a dozen "experts" pretty much every time, so long as basic and accurate information is supplied.

Anyhoo, it's fun, shown how IRV works, and it's free. Take the test, K? Thanks!

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A quibble: it's not IRV, which is a single-winner method. Call it STV, if you like.

It's worth noting as well that STV produces five winners (in this example), but does not rank the winners.
Very good point. As we move forward to promote election alternatives to the "winner takes all" system, we do want to get our terminology right. Thanks jlundell for pointing that out. I won't change the error, but instead, leave these comments here and be more careful next time.
I'm having trouble connecting to the poll; there might be an issue at Demochoice. I'll try again later.
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