Sunday, December 18, 2005

Killed the Adverts

It's interesting. I have been thinking of using any money generated by this blog to spread the Green message, and to build locals wherever there are a few people who are still nice enough to each other to work together. Part of my imagined revenue stream was money from the Google ads that were at the top of the page. I'm not sure I have deleted them entirely properly, and I may have cyber given away my rights to an ad free space, or I may decide that they can be counted on to get the ads right all the time, and want to turn them back on, but for now I want them off.

Here's part of why. The ads rotate, and some are wonderful products I am honored to be associated with, such as Knoppix, Linux and other open-source software stuff. But I have also seen links that said "liberal" or "Democrat" or "Republican", and frankly, I am not any of those things, and don't want folks visiting by invitation or referal to wind up wandering off in search of "Democrats and Greens Together Dating Service", not that I'm opposed to dating services, but I want to control any ad content, so for now, the place is ad free. Party like it's 1999 ya'll!

As to raising money, for my own selfish purposes or to grow the Green Party, I will likely have to sell something(s) via the site, or sell advertising space online to others who sell stuff. Another template is the "donate" button, but one must constantly remind folks that the button needs pushing. That gets tiresome.

Since the site is costing me only time, my most precious commodity of course, I don't actually have a need for the site to make money. I just figured that if Howard Stern is worth 50 million a year, I ought to be able to generate some money for the Green Party here. I promise to make it as painless as possible once I figure out what to do.
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Hmmm...well, putting on a little button to click so that folks can donate to keep the site going might be a good start - and if you were to, say, split that money with the GPUS, who's to say that's bad?
I agree Steve, and while I think I do want to invite readers to give to a specific project or chapter, I also want 100% to encourage folks to give to the GPUS and their local chapter.

Thanks for reading and kicking in your input and ideas Steve. I appreciate it, and I feel sure my readers do too.

Then again, retirement to Tahiti has it's attractions too. Maybe with my second million.
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