Monday, December 19, 2005

"Free as in Free Speech, not Free as in Free Beer"

The above quote, and it's a memory, so it may not be precise, refers to "Free Software", but it could just as easliy apply to any number of free things. Perhaps most importantly, the Green Party is free. Free for you to use to change your life, and the lives of those you love, for the better.

Similarly, this blog is semi-free. By that I mean that I am the only person who can post messages here, and the rest of you are free to post a reply. It costs you no extra money to read and reply, but it's still only semi-free.

Steve, in a comment, suggested that I am no Rush Limbaugh, even if I am trying to promote myself as "The Green Rush Limbaugh", indicating that I may be giving myself less credit than I am due, or perhaps, giving Limbaugh more than is his due. In my next opinion piece I will try to explain my thinking. But for now, enjoy the semi-free Green News and Opinion, and keep taking those polls and signing those petitions. And send the National Party a small donation. Buy fair trade and organic. Recruit new members and candidates. File your paperwork on time. And clean your room. It looks like a hurricane hit it! Don't make me come up there and clean it for you. I'll throw all that crap out, you know I'll do it.

*Returning from a fog* Um....nevermind. More in a few minutes.

~Brushes off the cheesecake crumbs, and heads to the kitchen for another cup~

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