Thursday, January 05, 2006

Daily Press Releases

Three press releases to cover today. Hey, why not send me your press releases? I'll put them out here for the whole world to read! Today's press releases come from IL, WI and the National Party. Here goes folks! To get more, click the "Read More!" link below...First things first I suppose, and a decent place to start might be the Call for immediate impeachment hearings from the National Party.

In the press release the party points out that we called for Bush's impeachment back in the summer of 2003 based on his unconstitutional power-plays that landed us in Iraq. Now the national party is demanding again that Bush & Co be ousted, and pointing to the urgency of getting this criminal gang out of the Whitehouse.

On a more local front, and related to an earlier message about corruption, is the press release from the Wisconsin Greens In the press release, the WI Greens point out that the Dems and Repubs have three announced candidates for Governor of WI, and all three have questionable ethics.

Sadly, a brief email exchange with Ruth Weill, state co-chair, indicates that they may not have an alternative to these poor choices in the fall.

Know someone with a good heart and brilliant mind who lives in WI? Get they to run for Governor! We need good candidates. If we don't do it folks, who the hell is going to do it for us?

Finally, Dan Rodriguez-Schlorff has announced his campaign staff. Running for State Treasurer, Dan will have one full time campaign staffer and three volunteer staff people. Sounds like a great start to a great campaign. Hey folks, Greens are good, and CAREFUL with tax dollars. Treasurer is a GREAT race for Greens, and I wish Dan and all other Greens running for similar posts the very best.
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