Thursday, January 05, 2006

There are gaskets, then there are g a s k e t s.

Oil was pouring onto the exhaust manifold and smoking like a fiend. I decided to replace the valve cover gaskets, which I did. Turns out that there is more than one gasket on a mini-van...I replaced both valve cover gaskets, and the oil leak didn't go away, so I decided to add a thickening agent to my motor oil in hopes that the thicker stuff wouldn't run out as fast. I put in two quarts of Lucas, a petroleum product designed for this purpose apparently, and so far my leak has slowed a bunch. The problem is still there though. Unlike the Democrats, I will fix my problem, and unlike the Republicans, I won't ask future generations to pay for it!

I'm scheduled to take the van to a customer on Monday of next week. The problem seems to be the "lower rear engine seal", whatever that is. Therefore, my time as a Green Mechanic seem to have come to an end, but I feel good about learning how to do for myself. Being self-sufficient can be a good thing.
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