Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just a quick note

As those who have visited over the last few days have no doubt noticed, I have been inactive as far as blogging over the past week. I'll do a little bit of blogging between today and next Tuesday, but not a lot I don't imagine.

Between valve cover gaskets I replaced myself and a $200 starter, the mini-van has been less than cooperative. I am also trying to do end-of-the-year stuff for my micro-business, and other things that one does at this time of the year. I am also assembling, in my mind, some features that I expect visitors will like.

So, in short, I've not abandoned my blog, nor am I unhappy about anything. Far from it, I have been amazed and pleased at the success of the blog. In 2006 I expect the blog to evolve into the premiere site on the Internet for Green News and Opinion. Thanks for coming with me so far, and as Al Jolsen said, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"


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What is new in the Green universe?

Some things I can think about:

On Jan 2nd, the GP-US Steering Committee says it will decide about (I guess if and how?) to put the CA/FL/NY proposal about seating Kristen Olson on the vote list. Greens are waiting with baited breath to see if the SC will be fair and apply a majority-only threshold.

Mato Ska of New Mexico just put out a 13 page treatise on the need for 3rd parties. (I think the silence in the green world may be due to everyone trying to read it.)

The NWC -National Women's Caucus- is holding their officer elections. Deadline to vote is Jan 8th.

A chunk of the GP-US Steering Committee is under impeachment by some NC delegates. The non-impeached members are working on creating a tribunal and starting the process--while impeached member Marc Sanson barks out complaints every couple of weeks. (I am like sooo embarassed for him.)

Phil Huckleberry--as well as other independent candidates in Illinois--are being blocked from ballot access by the duopoly infrastructure.

Locally, new greens seem to be bubbling up. Guess there are new waves of action and energy on the forefront.

Though, right now it is the holidays. And, as I said, with that and everyone reading Mato Ska's tome, things are so quiet. Glad Gregg has been finding bits of things here and there to post. Need some green energy for those of us whose green candles burn at all ends.

Happy Holidays and Holy Days and New Year's to everyone.
Thanks Anon. I am attempting to pull together some changes to the website, some are already apparent. I hope to be fully up-to-date on Tuesday, and regular thereafter.

I looked for the piece by Mato Ska, but could not find it. At the risk of loosing even more readers to silent contemplation, would you please post a link to the piece, or e-mail the text to me so I can post it? I'm intrigued. Thanks!
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