Monday, January 02, 2006

First Things First

This is the first day of the New Year. As you may have noticed, I have already made some changes to the blog. I have added this feature, which allows me to leave a brief "tag" on the "front page", and a link for readers to follow. Hopefully that will allow you to know what's up in each message before it's read. I'll make the "teasers" a realistic representative of what's actually in the "Read More!" section so you'll be able to trust the description to guide you to what you want to read.

There is a << HOME link at the bottom of each "Read More!" page.

I have decided to add several features to the site to make it somewhat more predictable, both to you, the reader, and to me and my family. This way I can predict with some certainty how much time I'll need to do a good job.

I want to tell you what my plans are and how I hope to invite us all to work together somewhat to build the Green Party in our areas, but the title of this piece is "first Things First" for a reason. I did replace the front> valve cover gasket on my mini-van, but not the rear valve cover gasket. It's possible that I have slowed the oil loss enough with the one gasket to continue without changing the second, but I have decided to change out the second gasket. I'm not going to write again until I am done with that task, but hopefully that won't be hours on end.

In the meantime, I will mention that my plans include a regular weekly, daily, and monthly schedule of topics to be covered and reports to be made. If you have a particular issue or approach you want to see addressed here, let me know. My email address is at the top of the page.

As an example, I could see creating a database of the current financial condition of each state Green Party, and especially could see the benefits of successful states telling we less successful states how they did it.

All that said, I don't want to take the time to create such a thing if there is no perceived need for the info. So, if you have an idea of what *you* think I should be doing here, let me know. In the meantime, I am off to get my fingernails dirty. Peace out gang!

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It seems to me that to cover the financial condition of every state green party might be tedious. And, it might be putting too much information in a public place that other parties might find useful.

My suggestion would be to explore a few parties that have interesting financial positions. Maybe cover success stories and/or ask some states with bad financial situations, if they want to be covered here as a way to solicit interest in helping or asking for suggestions on moving forward.

I think that how ballot access is attained in each state would be an interesting report to have posted. And, that would be helpful to all green and independent candidates. It would be a great public service.
By the way, I almost did not click on "read more", because I did not understand that there was more.

You might want to put instructions one time in the part that shows.

And/or, put three dots after the last sentence in the summary, so people know there is more.

Thanks for all the work you are doing on the blog. And, good luck with the car repairs.
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