Monday, January 02, 2006

A few more quick points

The valve cover job is going a bit slower than I had been hoping for, so before I post a full update, I figured I should get out some details of what I have in mind. To find out what I'm thinking about doing, just click the "Read More" link below...On the Daily side of things, I'm thinking of having :

"Thought of the Day"
"Daily News Update"
"Daily Press Releases" and
"Daily Opinion".

I'm thinking that each of these will be articles unto themselves, although I may put them into one post instead of several.

Then each day will have it's own special character. I'm thinking of something like this:
Sunday : Green Blog Review
Monday : Interview of the Week / The Week Ahead
Tuesday : The National Party / Committee Reports
Wednesday : The International Greens
Thursday : The State/Local Party
Friday : State of the Week / The Weekend Ahead
Saturday : Green Culture / Elections Review

Of course, this is off the cuff, and represents a goal, not a specific promise to you, my readers. I know, for example, that I am not prepared today to post anything very substantial tomorrow on Green committees or the National Party, but I'll do what little I can. The point is, over time I'll get to where each day has a plan to it that you'll be able to use.

As you'll notice, Friday includes the "State of the Week". I plan to do an in-dpeth review of every state, over the year. I plan to start with Maine, and will re-visit Maine again the week of the Forth of July. I know that, being the first state I do cover, Maine will get the short end of the stick, and I want to re-do Maine later, once I have become more profesicient at covering a state.

I believe the lessons we need to learn in order to be sucessful are there for us to learn. We just have to trust each other and let our egos aside long enough to win some power overwhich we can later fight.

Weekly I plan to have a poll. It will be fun sometimes, silly sometimes, and will result in action sometimes, as the most recent will, as you'll see in an upcomming article...after I finish the valve cover gasket! Finally, I plan a monthly "Hit Parade" in which I will review the blog's progress in attracting visitors and other details, as they become available. The truth is, this blog will only be sucessful if you find it worth visiting, and worth sending others here for a look-see. I appreciate you all very much, and thank you for your time and readership.

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