Monday, January 02, 2006

Last quick note, then that gasket is in trouble!

I mentioned in my last messaage that the polls at the top of the page would occasionally bring about results, at least of a sort. The results of the poll will be in another post, later, but I do want to explain how I used the results of the poll to make a decision. To learn what I did and how the poll impacted it, hit the "Read More!" link below...The Poll question was I would give to the Greens if they would spend the money on: followed by sixteen choices. The results can't guide the national party because there were only fourteen votes cast, but I can use the results to guide the site's direction, and have decided to do so.

The largest number of first place votes went to "Local / State Chapters" with four first place votes, followed by "Campaign Schools", "Candidate Support" and "Internet Presence" with two first place votes each. Based on this, I have decided to take out Yahoo! ads linked to seventeen key words. These ads, if accepted by Yahoo!, and they haven't been taking my ads so far, will direct folks to the blog, and a page on the blog that makes mention of Pat LaMarche's campaign for Governor of Maine. What I am doing therefore is using the opinions of those visiting here to guide my few dollars to bring people here to read about Pat LaMarche and her campaign.

I don't expect anything huge from this. I couldn't afford to put the ad alongside "Maine", which would have gotten by far the most hits, but hopefully the folks who do a search for the key words I did list will find the ad attractive.

At any rate, what we have here is an effort to use the site's limited resources to advance a state party and it's biggest campaign using an Internet presence. I couldn't get a campaign school figured into this too, but did what I could.

To fully do this properly I would find a way to run these ads in Maine based websites. Anyone got any idea how to do that?
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