Thursday, January 05, 2006

Daily News Update

Getting news of what the Green Party is up to is not as simple as telling Google to let you know when they have a story. Much Green News is never printed in the mainstream press, nor even in the alternative media. To get more than excuses from me, iht the "Read More!" link at the bottom of this short intro...OK, so until I can get a network of on-the-ground Greens to feed me stories of what's going on, I am kinda forced to use mainstream press stuff. Unfortunately, this is the sort of information that Google and Yahoo! can send directly to your email box, so why do you need me? That's why I have to become not only a source of info, but the source for Green Party related news

So, enough complaining and explaining, time for the news!

First, from my home state of South Carolina, Dr. James Dunn unofficially announced his plans to run for US House of Representatives from the coastal region of South Carolina. Based in Myrtle Beach, SC, Dr. Dunn won over 12% in his last run for that office, and has plans to use the Internet to build his campaign. There are no Green chapters in his area, so Dr. Dunn and his campaign could be very important to the SC Greens and everywhere. 12% ain't too shabby folks!

Maybe it's their proximity to Canada, but Maine's legislators seem a particularly hornery bunch. In an article Tuesday, the Associated Press reports that Barbara Merrill has left the Democratic Party, leaving three Independents in the legislature, one Green, and the rest evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

WQAD, a TV station in IL, reports that Phil Huckleberry has been removed from the March ballot for state legislature. According to the article, Phil secured only 252 of the 500 signatures he would need to be on the ballot. Phil may still be on the ballot in the fall. That will apparentl;y depend on the decisions of the IL Green Party executive committee.

The Charlotte Area Green Party will be out in force this weekend distributing fliers to the Plaza-Midwood area of the city. The membership drive is the brain child of Susan and Nick Tripplett, our intrepid leaders. The goal is to create at least one area in the region where Greens have made a concerted effort to create a truly local, as in neighborhood level, GP local. Hopefully a Plaza-Midwood Greens will be one of several chapters of the CAGP.

MY favorite line from the flier is The Green Party is not a sound bite. How true! We expect people to think, and think independently. We can do it, but don't fool yourself. It will not be easy.

Not specifically Green News, but it follows a GP state press release very nicely. USA Today reports that Jack Abramoff will tell all. He has pled guilty of crimes, and will apparently let us all know which politicians he bribed. Is corruption an issue Greens should consider concentrating on?

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