Friday, January 06, 2006

Press Releases...Who's Got the Press Releases?

Does your state issue press releases? How about your local? Letters to the Editor? Send 'em to me, and I'll get them some publicity, even if only a bit. In the meantime, take a look at today's press releases from Connecticut and from the Buckeye State of Ohio. as well as the great state of Michigan. To learn more, of course, just hit the "Read More!" link below.!First of all, the folks in Connecticut have issued a press release showing support for Rhode Island's decision to legalize medical marijuana. The new law provides access to marijuana for AIDS patients as well as those suffering from cancer and glaucoma, perhaps other medical issues.

Personally I feel we should support these efforts, but should always point out that marijuana, and any other substance, should be legal for citizens to take, regardless of illness. Personally, I don't want to toss some poor soul into prison for smoking a doobie, regardless of their health.

On to Ohio. The Ohio Greens have announced a slate of candidates for state-wide office, including Anita Rios of the Green Institute for Lt. Governor, Bob Fitrakas for Governor, and Tim Kettler for Secretary of State. This follows their substantial successes in this fall's elections. The Cleveland City Council now includes Green Brian Cummins and the Struthers Board of education will benefit from help offered by newly elected Green Party member Dennis Spisak Congratulations to all Ohio Greens. We're expecting more great things from Ohio in the near future of course.

Finally the folks in Michigan wanted our nation's rich and famous to know that theft doesn't go unnoticed. In their press release, the Michigan Greens pointed to huge salaries and benefits packages for the very few at the top of Delphi. The automotive component manufacturer recently declared bankruptcy, and the Michigan Greens wanted the corporate leadership to know that they, and by extension, all of us, are watching.

For now, that's all. Want something covered that isn't here? Write me at and I'll get on it. That also applies to associated press releases, such as press releases from the Green Institute or any other Green related groups, such as folks in GDI or one or more of the party's caucuses. Let me know folks! I'm here...use me. *Grin*
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