Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reporting Hopeful News

I won't take the time to re-do all the links, but the British Broadcasing Corporation (BBC) has reported that President Uribe of Colombia has agreed to demilitarize a good sized chunk of his nation so that government officials and representatives of the FARC, the largest armed anti-government faction in that country, can meet and discuss possible prisoner exchange.

That means hope for Ingrid Betancourt and Carla Rojas, two Greens kidnapped during a presidential bid by Betancourt. Rojas was her campaign manager.

I'd sincerely ask each of you to take a few moments to write, even if you wrote yesterday, to the Colombian Embassy. This time I would like us to send the message :Bravo Mr. Uribe. We appreciate your outreach for peace with the FARC, and hope that Ms. Rojas and Ms. Betancourt will be home with their famalies soon. Please continue to do all you can to secure these brave women's release from captivity.

But, you know what to say. Here are the places to say it:

FAX - 202-232-8643

Email -
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