Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Political Compass

This site has been promoted on Green blogs before, but with very good reason. Here's the message I posted at our local newspaper blog/forum

Some folks do not understand the terms they use when it comes to politics. Am I a liberal? Absolutely not. A conservative, moderate? None of those terms gets it quite right.

Are the current leaders of Russia conservatives? Are the Communist Chinese of today closer to Mathatma Ghandi, or Alan Greenspan? How different is George Bush from Bill Clinton in reality?

Perhaps most importantly, where do you fit on this spectrum? Are you sitting next to Ralph Nader and don't know it? Maybe you think of yourself as being politically like Ross Perot, but are in reality politically closer to Fidel Castro.

How to know. Wouldn't it be great if there were some sort of simple, quick, and trustworthy way to find out where you fit in the political world?

Visit The Political Compass, take their brief test, and you will find out not only where you fit compared to Stalin and Reagan, but the various political parties and candidates from 2004 (yes, including the Green Party) in the US, and historical figures recent and ancient. Political parties in Germany, England, New Zealand and the US, and perhaps others, can't remember, are included. It's free, easy, and totally anonymous. Take the test, enjoy, and perhaps, just maybe, leave a message here or at my Green News and Opinion blog.
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