Thursday, December 15, 2005

Runnin' late this AM

If you are one of the fine folks who is kind enough to visit this blog, I think I am beginning to see some trends, and I hope to take advantage of them.

First of all, I realize that anyone who has decided to sit down with a cup of Fair Trade coffee and read, they might well be disappointed, and not return. That would be a loss for both of us, and I'd hate that to happen.

So, looking at the statistics for the blog, it would seem that there is pretty much no one on the blog between 2 and 5 I think I am going to try getting up early like that so you'll have fresh Green News and Opinion to go with that coffee...or if you're like me, several cups of Green Tea. They say it's good for my aches and pains. Hope they are right!

Also, it's iced here in Fort Mill, which means that this lazy boy spent a little bit of extra time in the sack this AM. The rain has taken over from the ice, so in short order I should have roads clear enough to drive on. Since this has been my first week of maintaining my own regular blog, I haven't given enough time to my business. I am sure it will all work out soon, but of course I can't let non-paying work keep me from earning a living. As I say, this will all settle out quickly so that you, the visitor, get enough worthwhile to return regularly.

For this morning I fear I will have little to offer. I apologize, but I am rushed and will do more tonight, then beginning tomorrow AM, that cup of coffee...or tea, will have new Green News and Opinion as regular accompanyment.
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