Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Austrian Greens:Strip Arnold of Citizenship

Greens across the globe noted the killing of Stanley Tookie Williams, co-founder of the Crips. Killed by drugs sent through his bloodstream after what some might call a botched murder attempt, his supporters cried in unison after his death "The state of California just killed an innocent man!"

Greens in Austria called on the government to strip Schwarzenegger (thank God for "cut and paste") of his citizenship. He holds Austrian and US citizenship. The Austrian government rejected the idea.

It took the executioner twelve minutes to get the needle in...twelve minutes of cruel and unusual punishment in this Green's eyes.

"Vengence is mine" sayeth the Lord.

Guess Arnold, and all executioner Dems and Repubs, feel pretty Lordly when the time comes to stick the needle in.
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Tookie's death is very sad news. I saw a wonderful article about how Tookie, like Jesus Christ, was a celebrity execution with political motivations.

I was pleased that my new friend at work who is not green but has been taking an interest was happy to hear that the Green Party in Europe was defending Tookie, against Arnold, and standing up for justice. I love it when I hear reports of our party from the outside world.

Our response to this travesty may help us pull more like minded people together.
Hey Anonymous,

I agree. When I read about Green progress around the world it makes me feel good too. Plus, there have been times when Greens elsewhere have had a good effect here in the US. For example, the Belgian Greens objected to part of a plan to ship plutonium waste from the US to France for processing into designer grade plutonium. Their fight slowed the process of putting this Frankenfuel into the local nuclear power plants. We here in York County benefitted from Greens in Belgium standing by their principals. How cool is that?
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