Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CA Greens to go after Feinstein

Todd Chretien will announce tomorrow, Matt Gonzalez, Peter Camejo, and Aimee Allison at his side, that he will seek the Green nomination to take on the pro-war Democrat.

Chretien, who ran the Nader-Camejo campaign in Northern CA according to a lengthy article at The Socialist Worker Online, has called Feinstein's support of the USA PATRIOT Act and her support for ever growing military budgets a focus of his campaign.

The article says that Chretien is a member of the International Socialist Organization. I have made my personal opinion pretty clear before. Socialism is not, in and of itself, security against ecological or nuclear global suicide. Socialist governments can be very authoritarian, and unpleasant places to live. They can also offer humanity real dignity and prosperity. As in everything humans are involved in, an awful lot depends on the people in charge.

I don't know CA politics, as I think I have amply demonstrated, but it seems likely to me that this may not be the last Green to announce for Senator Feinstein's seat.

Keep your eyes...and wallets open folks. We can't let these pro-war elected officials of any party run without Green opposition.

Go out and recruit a candidate today! Shoot, I'll even buy a campaign button.
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Feinstein has sold out CA.
I'm a sophomore in high school, my parents are liberal and their loyalty is to the Democratic Party. I will do all that I can to convince them to vote Green against Feinstein. They know that Feinstein is a turncoat, and I doubt it will take very much convincing.
Darned. I got all happy and excited thinking that the CA Greens and Camejo were going after MIKE Feinstein.

For that, we will have to wait a few more lifetimes, I suppose.
When I've given speeches in the past where I have to convince an audience that the Greens are more than just liberal Democrats, guess who I trot out to prove my point? Yep, Dianne Feinstein. I just ask the Democrats if they support a candidate who believes in the war and the PATRIOT Act, and says some of the things that she said about both. They get the point when I tell them that their precious "liberal Democrat" was the one who said so.

Gosh, I'm gonna have to find myself another Democratic punching bag. :-)
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