Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pick and choose your topic

Ballot Access News reports that 3/8ths of Texas U.S. House Races Have Only One Major Party Candidate. If that's not reason enough to build third parties I don't know what is.

A Crunchy Blogger in IL has decided to "Go Green" as in Green Party, not "Let's eat organic compact florescent bulbs."

Craig R. Withers also thinks we Greens are worth a look...I like this trend!

Our friends over at the Babblemur & Akaoni Power Hour! have a pretty good current run down on Green Party presidential contenders.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports that John Wages Jr, the first elected Green in that state, is running for US Congress.

The Green Party Peace Network has run a piece about a commercial being run at AMC theaters which glorifies the military. Pay to watch a film and get propaganda to boot!

The New Mexico FBIHOP writes that Carol Miller is running for Congress again. Last time through Miller won 17% of the vote, leaving the Democrat out in the cold come election day. Personally, I hope she wins 20% this time, even if it does mean that the congress has one less Corporate Democrat in Washington DC.

The League of Women Voters has announced a debate for this Sunday in an IL Congressional debate which will include the Green nominee. Equal access...what a concept!

The Greenwich Post reports that the Green Party caucus that was planned for earlier this month will happen on January 13th.

Will Yeager sent me some stuff about plans for the Venice, CA Greens. It's hiding behind the "Read more!" link at the bottom of this post.

Green Party of California
Venice Greens
January Meeting

January 10, 2008
7:00 - 9:30 PM
658 Venice Boulevard
Community Room
Extra Space Storage
(enter on Venice Boulevard)

7:00 Green Potluck
7:30 Venice Greens Orientation
8:00 Meet Dan Factor - Candidate 36th Congressional District
9:00 Green Party Presidential Candidates Roundup

Dan Factor - Congressional Candidate

Dan Factor is a local Venice Criminal Defense Attorney running on the slogan: "Politics Unusual".

Please attend the January 10th meeting of the Venice Greens, if only long enough to meet and greet Dan Factor, the Green Party Candidate for the 36th Congressional District and to sign his nomination papers. 150 signatures of Registered Green Party voters or $1,652 are needed to place Dan Factor on the ballot. Each Green Party registered voter's signature is worth $11.01334 towards the filing fee. Please sign yourself and take a sheet for your friends and neighbors to sign. Take this opportunity to register your friends into the Green Party (over half of all people are not registered voters) and place a pro-peace candidate of the ballot!

Green Party Presidential Candidates Roundup

Hear the latest on the Presidential Campaigns of: Jared Bell, Elaine Brown,Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, Ralph Nader, and Kat Swift; as they build toward the Green Party National Convention in Chicago in July.

Petitions for:
Amend Three Strikes - = Justice
Treatment of Farm Animals = Humanity
Renewable Energy = Sustainability
California Cannabis Hemp & Heath 2008 = Resource Usage

Currently Circulating California State Initiatives,

Will be available for signature and pick-up for circulation.

Justice, Humanity, Sustainability, & Resource Usag e

Will reach the California Voters if you do your part!

Call (310) 804-9916 for suggestions, questions, directions, or if you would like to sign/circulate nominating petitions and are unable to come to this months Venice Greens meeting.
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Thanks for the comment and followd it here. LOVE the blog! Shannon
Well hey Crunchy One. :-) Seems to me that we have some stuff in common. I was born and raised in Georgia, have lived overseas (Venezuela) and spent many years in North Carolina (Asheville). Like you, I live in the 'burbs, and wish I lived where it was a bit wilder. Thanks for the kind words.
Calling Don Wiviott (from New Mexico) a corporate Democrat seems woefully uninformed.
Well LP, in looking over your new blog I can see that you would appear to be what one might think of as a hardcore Democrat.

I would like to know why you think Don Wiviott is not a Corporate Democrat.
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