Sunday, January 06, 2008

And now, for something completely different

First of all, thanks a ton to those of you who visited my new blog at WBTV's website. I hope to post there once a day, so I'll kick something out later tonight.

I'll likely cover the question of the bubble in the housing market. A very interesting conversation, which I am a part of, was started by Steve Loebs and is titled "Collapse of real estate markets". I believe it has signs of a good conversation, the sort we Greens seem to do so poorly sometimes, and yes, I include myself.

Now, to get some links out to you good folks I am going to have to cut way back on the description, but hopefully enough to give you a feel for if it's something you want to click.

Stan Goff has a piece at CounterPunch in which he calls on pretty much everyone to support Ron Paul in the Republican primary.

Ohio Green Dennis Spisak, a candidate for state legislature there, issued a call of support for the Ohio Healthy Families Act. This citizen's initiative was recently certified and will be in November's ballot.

CBS News finally decides to cover Cynthia McKinney's announcement that she's seeking our nomination...of course, only on their website. Video at 11...yeah, right.

Steven Argue looks at all the health care plans of presidential candidates, and finds he agrees with all the Greens...and none of the Republicans, and only two Democrats.

Bill Willers writes an editorial and suggests we all ask presidential candidates when they come to town, "Will you debate the Green and Libertarian in the fall?" Good idea!

The Wilton Bulletin explains that the local Green Party caucus has been postponed until Jan 13th because a second person has sought a chance to run as a Green. Go CT Greens!

El Noticiero de Alvarez Galloso covers the upcoming Green presidential debate.

Indy Bay points out that voting in California's primary, including the Green Primary, begins mail in balloting on Jan. 7th. get ta votin' CA Greens!

More later folks!
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