Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spotted a blog

Many of the general public see us as uniformly irreligious at best, and anti-Christian bigots at worst. No doubt many think we are all Muslims, pagans or Satanists.

I have met some virulent atheists in the Green Party, including Anita Rios who is Jared Ball's campaign manager. I have certainly met some pagans. Most Greens seem to have a very live-and-let-live attitude towards faith issues, and while I assume anti-Christian sentiments may be a bit higher in the Green Party, it's clearly not the majority position. I must feel compelled to point out that Dan Mitchell of the American Enterprise Institute was a virulent atheist when we were in college together, so that attitude can be found in almost any political community.

Well, enter Tom Stream, operated by Tom Cleland of Minneapolis. Much of what you will find at his site is postings from the presidential campaigns as well as national press releases...oh yeah, and a link to the full text of his book "SOULS IN PERIL: HOW CONSERVATIVES DESECRATE THE HOLY SCRIPTURES"

While Tom makes no effort to beat anyone over the head with his faith, in fact he seldom mentions it as far as I can see from the few minutes I have spent there, but like many of we Greens, his faith does seem to animate his politics. Also, take a look through his archives. They go back to 2000!

Finally, he has set the book up in such a way that others, should they be interested, can help him finish writing the book via online word processing. I think that is very cool.
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