Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spotted a blog

Many of the general public see us as uniformly irreligious at best, and anti-Christian bigots at worst. No doubt many think we are all Muslims, pagans or Satanists.

I have met some virulent atheists in the Green Party, including Anita Rios who is Jared Ball's campaign manager. I have certainly met some pagans. Most Greens seem to have a very live-and-let-live attitude towards faith issues, and while I assume anti-Christian sentiments may be a bit higher in the Green Party, it's clearly not the majority position. I must feel compelled to point out that Dan Mitchell of the American Enterprise Institute was a virulent atheist when we were in college together, so that attitude can be found in almost any political community.

Well, enter Tom Stream, operated by Tom Cleland of Minneapolis. Much of what you will find at his site is postings from the presidential campaigns as well as national press releases...oh yeah, and a link to the full text of his book "SOULS IN PERIL: HOW CONSERVATIVES DESECRATE THE HOLY SCRIPTURES"

While Tom makes no effort to beat anyone over the head with his faith, in fact he seldom mentions it as far as I can see from the few minutes I have spent there, but like many of we Greens, his faith does seem to animate his politics. Also, take a look through his archives. They go back to 2000!

Finally, he has set the book up in such a way that others, should they be interested, can help him finish writing the book via online word processing. I think that is very cool.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mish Mash

If I don't put a bunch of links into one post, I'll be here forever. :-)

The Ellsworth American has a pretty comprehensive report on the Maine Green Independent Party.

The Black Voices asks, "Is it easier being Green?" about McKinney, and answers beautifully in two words...Yeah baby!

Wes writes about the Green Presidential Debate over at CA Greening.

The Providence Daily Dose covers McKinney's announcement.

There are several good pieces up today at Green Commons, so if you don't regularly visit there, today might be a good day to do so.

All for now...hopefully more in the early AM.
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Alameda County CA Greens to hold Green Presidential debate

And I damn sure hope that C-SPAN will be there to cover it. There is an article about the debate at Third Party Watch as well as the announcement at the Alameda County Greens website.
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McKinney keeps getting press

And this article comes from the Cyber News Service. The piece is pretty good, especially when you consider the source. While I know nothing about CNS, a look at the ads at their site would imply a conservative bent...then again, I continue to believe that the Green Party attracts a certain sort of conservative, one which places a high value on personal and global responsibility, decentralization and respect for diversity, all basically conservative values in that they are inward looking, dependent on the individual's actions and beliefs at least as much as on laws and regulations.
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CT man announces

His name is G. Scott Deshefy, and he is a retired supervising environmental analyst for the state Department of Environmental Protection. He's running in the 2nd district against a Democrat and Republican.
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Carbondale Green announces run for office

Over at The Southern Rodger Jennings is said to have thrown his hat into the ring, announcing that he is running for Congress as a Green in IL's 12th congressional district. Charlie Howe also announced that he is running for a state legislative seat in IL's 115th House seat.
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Clara Rojas coming home Friday...I hope!

An article at the BBC says that the FARC is planning to release Rojas, her son, conceived and born in captivity, and a Colombian Congresswoman.

Rojas is a member of the Partido Verde Oxigeno, the Colombian Green Party. I have seen her referred to as the PVO candidate for vice president, but I was told long ago that she was Ingrid Betancourt's campaign manager. Betancourt ran for President and the two of them were kidnapped in 2002 while campaigning.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Like most of you, I have been busy with family events related to the holidays. Stuff is building up in my "inbox", but my granddaughters are on their way over for a visit, so there!

In the meantime, this link is worth a click fer sure! It's very funny, and if you are like me and have known and loved a redneck or two, you may see folks you recognize.

The link is right this way.

Full back is not quite as hairy as the guy in the second line of photos, but my wife did once shave an "F" into my back before I stopped her attempt at humor at my expense.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clara Rojas to be released by the FARC

In an article at the BBC, they are reporting that the FARC in Colombia is saying that they will release Clara Rojas, her son, and another captive soon to the custody of President Chavez of Venezuela.

This is great news! Hopefully we will soon know more about I ngrid Betancourt's conditions, and hopefully her release.
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Cynthia McKinney ANNOUNCES

In a video announcement posted at YouTube, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney explains why she is running for President and why the Green Party is her new party.

As Rep. McKinney says, "Come home to the Green Party."

Welcome home Rep. McKinney.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Much more...

but sadly, I don't have the luxury of posting it at the moment. Bills due and all that...
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Alaska Greens get the ball rolling again

There is so much to do, and so few to do it, that sometimes we take two steps forward and one step back.

Sometimes we get burned out.

I think it was John Lennon who said "Life is what happens when you were making other plans."

At any rate, the fine folks in the AK Green Party have kicked off what seems to be a new, and welcome, addition to the Green Blog constellation. You can check it out over here.
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The Wilders at OpEdNews

As many of you know, I have gone back and forth as to the value of doing this blog, in part because so few folks see it. If a blog falls in the woods, and there is no one to read it, did it make a sound?

One approach is to move beyond the personal blog and into someone else's space. For example, some Greens suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune by subjecting themselves to the abuse which awaits actual progressive values at places like Daily KOS. Others use places like local newspapers websites, American Chronicle, and OpEdNews to promote their ideas.

Recently the Wilders of NY have posted articles at OpEdNews, which I think are worthy of review.

First, Kimberly Wilder has an article which asks why progressives are so willing to accept the lesser evil argument during election season.

The second, by Ian Wilder has the provocative title, "Hi, My name is Dennis Kucinich. I'm your War-Mart Manager."

Ian also asks What to do with a Democratic Congress?
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IL Greens issue press releases

The content is behind the "Read more!" link at the bottom of this post.

The first press release announces that IL will hold their first Green Party presidential preference primary on Feb. 5th of 2008. The second raises objections to advertising gambling on their mass transit system. The third, and oldest, announces that Cynthia McKinney will address Greens in IL as part of her quest to win the Green Party nomination.

All the details are behind the "Read more!" link at the bottom of this post.


Friday, Dec. 7, 2007


Patrick Kelly
ILGP Media Coordinator

Phil Huckelberry
Chair, ILGP Government & Elections Committee


In their meeting Thursday, the Illinois Board of Elections dismissed objections to all four Green Party candidates for president: Jared Ball of Washington D.C., Howie Hawkins of New York, Kent Mesplay of California and Cynthia McKinney of California.

The decision by the board sets the stage for the state's first ever contested Green Primary.

"Because we will have four candidates on the ballot for the same office, and thus a contested primary, every voter in the state will have the chance to pull a Green ballot on Feb. 5," says Phil Huckelberry, Chair of the ILGP Government & Elections Committee.

The Illinois Green Party became an established political party in 2006, when gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney earned more than 10% of the vote. As an established party, Greens will participate in the Feb. 5 primary, name committeepeople, and can slate candidates to fill vacancies on the ticket.

"Voters in Illinois went to the polls in 2006 and demanded more options, beyond the two party system," says David Black, Secretary of the Illinois Green Party. "And we've delivered a number of excellent candidates in races all over the state."

In addition to the state board's decisions, the Cook County Board of Elections also threw out objections to the candidacy of Jerome Pohlen, a journalist and library trustee from Berwyn seeking the Green nomination for 3rd Congressional District.

Not all of the objections filed last month had favorable outcomes to the Illinois Green Party. The board voted unanimously to remove Scott Summers, attorney and McHenry Community College trustee, from the primary ballot for 16th Congressional
District, despite hearing arguments that the Board used a different formula to calculate Green signature requirements than it used to calculate Republican and Democratic requirements.

"Had the board used the same formula, I would have had more than enough signatures to get on the ballot," says Summers. "I think the political parties should be treated equally under the law."

Summers says that he may file suit in the case or will seek to be slated by the party following the primary.

Objections are still pending against congressional candidate David Kalbfleisch (10th district), as well as other candidates for state, local and committeeperson offices.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Patrick Kelly
ILGP Media Coordinator

Phil Huckelberry
Government and Elections Committee Chair


Green Party candidates for the Illinois General Assembly have blasted the compromise pushed by state lawmakers to expand casino gambling to fund road construction projects in exchange for increased mass transit funding. Real solutions to transit funding are already on the table thanks to groups like the Transit Riders Alliance:

"The conversation in Springfield is all wrong," says Rita Maniotis, Green Party candidate for 21st State Representative. "Instead of asking 'how can we use mass transit to expand gambling,' leaders should be talking about how to use mass transit to improve our environment, expand economic and education opportunities for riders,
and make Illinois a better place to live."

The Illinois Green Party is a strong supporter of mass transit, not only in Chicagoland, but in communities that rely on it across the state.

"Mass transit is vital to our health and welfare," said Kevin O'Connor, candidate for 41st State Representative. "It's a remedy to congestion on the roadways. Instead of expanding gambling to pay for new road construction, why not take care of the roads we have, and use mass transit to address the growing commuter needs." O'Conner
added, "By adding dedicated express coach lanes for mass transit in the suburbs we could cut down on commute times and take more cars off the road."

Green Party candidates, such as Tony Cox, 9th State Representative, say they would support mass transit expansion projects, such as the Metra STAR line, the CTA Circle Line, and a proposed high-speed rail corridor.

"We have some of the highest commute times in the nation, people can't get from home to work, and all Springfield can talk about is what's the best way to make Illinois a gambler's paradise," said Cox.


For Immediate Release


Event Coordinator: Walt Esler, 773-637-6701,

For the Illinois Green Party: Patrick Kelly, 773-203-9631,

Phil Huckelberry, 309-268-9974,

For the Cynthia McKinney/Power to the People campaign:

Green Party Candidate for President to Speak in Chicago

Six-term Congresswoman, former Democrat and now Green Party member Cynthia McKinney will be speaking in Chicago on Friday, December 14, as part of her "Power to the People" tour, promoting her campaign to win the Green Party nomination for President of the United States.

Following its unprecedented electoral success in 2006, the Green Party in Illinois will have its first statewide primary on February 5, 2008. In addition to McKinney, other Green candidates appearing on the ballot will be college professor Jared Ball of the District of Columbia, New York Green Party activist Howie Hawkins, and California air quality inspector Kent Mesplay.

During her swing through Chicago, McKinney will speak at a fundraiser held a Decima Musa, 1901 South Loomis (19th & Loomis), in Chicago's historic Pilsen neighborhood. The event will be held Friday, Dec. 14, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cynthia McKinney was the first African-American woman from Georgia elected to Congress, serving six terms in the House. Prior to completing her last term, she introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush charging him with manipulating intelligence and lying to justify the war in Iraq, failing to uphold accountability and violating privacy laws with his domestic spying program. The articles also included charges against Vice President Cheney and Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice.

At an event last week in Carbondale, Ill., McKinney was endorsed by 2006 Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney, who earned the support of over 10 percent of Illinois voters in that campaign.

"I have long felt that Cynthia McKinney was a Green at heart," Whitney commented recently. "Unlike most Democrats in Congress, Cynthia has long been a principled, tireless advocate for peace, civil rights, and the fundamental right of the people to vote and have their vote count – accurately. She has long been a fighter against corruption, injustice, environmental destruction, the imperial presidency and the
corporate aristocracy in this country. Her voting record was impeccable. She was, and is, a true representative of the public interest."

"I welcome Cynthia to the Green Party, where she truly belongs, joining our fight to establish genuine government of, by and for the people," Whitney added. "I am absolutely thrilled to have her as an ally in this struggle."

[Distribution of this release by the Illinois Green Party does not imply endorsement of any candidate for the presidential nomination.]

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

One last post

The BBC is reporting that the President of France has been authorized by the President of Colombia to negotiate with the FARC for the release of Clara rojas and Ingrid Betancourt.

Lord, I hope he is successful. It's heartbreaking to think of them suffering in the jungle of Colombia for SIX YEARS for the crime" of fighting for peace, justice, democracy and ecology.

The BBC article is over here.
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Still catching up on news

It's amazing how much you can miss in only a few days worth of emails. OK, here we go again.

The Valley Advocate carries a letter from Tim McKee, a leader in the Green Party in CT.

The Daily Texan has a nice, if inaccurate in some details, article about Rep. McKinney and the Green Party.

The Wilders have an article about the Green Party's support for reparations for decedents of enslaved Africans.

The Nation has run an article about Rep. McKinney and her possible GP nomination.

American Observer has an article about the Green Party Presidential primary in DC.

The Third Estate Sunday Review (Maybe I should publish once a week...) writes about the IL Greens and their amazing success in finding and supporting dozens of candidates for the next election cycle.

Ballot Access News reports that the New Mexico Greens are on the ballot.

John Ruberry, who chooses to offer a quote from famed "Indian Killer" Andrew Jackson on his blog's masthead, writes that we Green are threatening Rep. By being so bold as to assume that a Green Party nominee should campaign for the seat she currently holds.

The Independent in New Jersey makes the claim that Green Party candidates "spoiled" their election. Geeze,,,how can we spoil elections by participating? I thought that was our right as Americans...indeed, our obligation.

Well, my tiny brain is telling me to let it go for tonight. Peace y'all...
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An open letter from Jared Ball

The letter is fairly long, so I am posting much of it behind the "Read more!" link at the bottom of this post.

An open letter to all Green Party members from the Jared Ball campaign.

Dear Fellow Greens,

We embarked on this campaign which put forward Jared Ball, an African American college professor who was born in Washington D.C. and is a Desert Storm veteran, for the Green Party's Presidential nomination as an organizing effort to bring in new constituencies to the Green Party. It is our goal to create through the Green Party a political movement that extends across race and class to provide a political voice for the diverse “True American Majority.”

We welcome all other Green Presidential candidates to partner with us in our efforts to grow the Green Party. The 2008 campaign season is our opportunity to show this country the many faces of the Green Party and the vibrant array of ideas that we bring to the table of determining Americas role in solving the problems of: mass incarceration, world hunger, global warming, quality accessible health care and education, and the creation of just equitable humane economic systems. As candidates working together we will raise the profile of our campaigns and assure that we have candidates on the ballot in all 51 states. We invite other Green Party candidates for president to join us in planning joint events with local candidates and activists who are working on anti-war or social justice issues. Together we will create a groundswell of interest in the Green Party and will show the mainstream candidates for the do nothing corporate shills that they are.

In addition we call out to all Greens asking you to come on board to help your Green Party Presidential candidates get out the word to all Green Party members and beyond. We and all the presidential campaigns need your help to assure that Greens and potential new Greens are well informed about their choices before deciding which candidate to support. We offer this campaign as an outreach tool, in particular as an outreach tool to Black and Latino communities and need the help of volunteers in each state to make this effort a success. Together we can grow the Green Party and assure that we come out of the 2008 election cycle stronger and better organized than we go into it.

Jared Ball, with DC-based artist and co-campaign manager Head-Roc and their “Capitol Resistance” campaign tour speaking truth to power while upsetting the set up is asking for your support and assistance in bringing us to your area. Schedules are tight and resources limited so lets get creative and pool our efforts to do regional events. If you would like to plan a Jared Ball “Capitol Resistance” event in your area please contact contact us.

Head-Roc, Co-campaign Manager/Cultural Outreach Coordinator
Anita Rios, Senior Campaign Manager 419-243-8772

To volunteer contact our volunteer coordinator Nora Gaines at:
Check out our website at :,
To make a donation:
Stock up on some fly gear at
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Today's news...opinions later

Well, not really today's news, as I am still catching up on news from a while back, but recent news at any rate. Here it is!

Bruce Gagnon of Maine explains why he registered vote for Cynthia McKinney as she seeks the Green Party nomination for Prez.

The Wilders have a pretty good run down of Green victories this Nov.

The Black Agenda Report has an extended interview with Jared Ball of DC, who is seeking the Green Party nod for Prez. They say that they are happy to interview all GP candidates for Prez, so If you are working on a campaign, you might want to contact them.

The national party also has coverage of Dave Lussier's apparent victory.

The national party also has a piece about Arlington, VA where Greens won more than 10% of the vote.

KPTM has coverage of Steve Larrick's plans to run for Senate from Nebraska, hoping to replace retiring Republican Chuck Hagel.

The Phoenix, a newspaper based in RI, has a piece about SKCM Curry, who is running for our VP nomination.

Again, the Wilders have written a great piece, this time about Green progress in IL. These guys make me wonder why I don't just forward this blog over to theirs.

I am listening to Ummagumma at the moment...hey, old hippies are slow to change. *Grin* That's OK though...RATM is coming up next.

The Morris Daily Herald is also writing about the Green Party in IL.

Amazing what winning better than 10% of the vote for Governor has done for the GP in IL. All the Greens in IL and across the nation who helped Rich Whitney in his campaign have my thanks.

KPTM points out that Nebraska Greens have an easier time of getting on the ballot, thanks to Doug Paterson's campaign for Sec. of State, where he won over 5% of the vote.

We are making progress folks, painfully slow, but we have the rest of our lives to get this nation and planet headed the right direction.

More to come, but again, I must hit the salt mines. Cash is King, right?
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Green news

This will be little more than a series of links and a brief description of what the article is about. Sorry, survival pressures are high at the moment.

Jag Bytes, an Indiana based college website, sez that we Greens are worth a second look. I agree!

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on a race between Jean Godden and Green candidate Joe Szwaja.

In a piece over at Green Commons, Alex Walker points to the hipocracy of the local newspaper calling for "Radical Change". While all of us might agree that radical change is called for, the words turn to dust in the mouths of corporate media shills.

Portland Democrat Tony Buxton is reportedly behind a "Greens cause chaos" campaign designed to make it look as though the mere presence of Greens on their school board and city council were causing gridlock in local government. The piece is at WMTW.

WCSH also ran an article.

Co-founder of the USGP, Howie Hawkins, is covered in Daily Orange article. The piece covers his race for Syracuse City Council.

Greens don't get a lot of love over at Illinoize, a blog that says they are "about the free expression of divergent ideas." Um...ok.

The Chicago Sun Times asks if we Greens will "provide a breath of fresh air to IL politics.

Chicagoist also covers the IL Greens and their growth after Rich Whitney's success as a Green candidate for Governor in that state.

The Yale Daily News covered Frank Ferrucci's run for Mayor of New Haven, CT.

More later folks. For now, I gotta go earn a dollar or two. Peace all.
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Daily Planet sez: Act Rationally: Go Independent

In the article, written by Joanna Graham, the writer points out
But, oh gosh, what if the Green Party takes votes away from the “good” Dems and, as a consequence, the “bad” Repubs win? Stop a minute. Do you really think it matters whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani in the White House?

Read the full piece is over this away.
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Interesting blog

Green Base says that they are the intersection of Music and Climate Change.

Check them out if you have the time.
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