Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Green news

This will be little more than a series of links and a brief description of what the article is about. Sorry, survival pressures are high at the moment.

Jag Bytes, an Indiana based college website, sez that we Greens are worth a second look. I agree!

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on a race between Jean Godden and Green candidate Joe Szwaja.

In a piece over at Green Commons, Alex Walker points to the hipocracy of the local newspaper calling for "Radical Change". While all of us might agree that radical change is called for, the words turn to dust in the mouths of corporate media shills.

Portland Democrat Tony Buxton is reportedly behind a "Greens cause chaos" campaign designed to make it look as though the mere presence of Greens on their school board and city council were causing gridlock in local government. The piece is at WMTW.

WCSH also ran an article.

Co-founder of the USGP, Howie Hawkins, is covered in Daily Orange article. The piece covers his race for Syracuse City Council.

Greens don't get a lot of love over at Illinoize, a blog that says they are "about the free expression of divergent ideas." Um...ok.

The Chicago Sun Times asks if we Greens will "provide a breath of fresh air to IL politics.

Chicagoist also covers the IL Greens and their growth after Rich Whitney's success as a Green candidate for Governor in that state.

The Yale Daily News covered Frank Ferrucci's run for Mayor of New Haven, CT.

More later folks. For now, I gotta go earn a dollar or two. Peace all.
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Ah yes, the survival thing. May those dollars appear.
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