Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Like most of you, I have been busy with family events related to the holidays. Stuff is building up in my "inbox", but my granddaughters are on their way over for a visit, so there!

In the meantime, this link is worth a click fer sure! It's very funny, and if you are like me and have known and loved a redneck or two, you may see folks you recognize.

The link is right this way.

Full back is not quite as hairy as the guy in the second line of photos, but my wife did once shave an "F" into my back before I stopped her attempt at humor at my expense.
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OMG...doesn't everyone know if you make a redneck birthday cake, you put it in a white tub full of ice...the candles will make the beer all hot...jeez some people...
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