Thursday, December 06, 2007

Today's news...opinions later

Well, not really today's news, as I am still catching up on news from a while back, but recent news at any rate. Here it is!

Bruce Gagnon of Maine explains why he registered vote for Cynthia McKinney as she seeks the Green Party nomination for Prez.

The Wilders have a pretty good run down of Green victories this Nov.

The Black Agenda Report has an extended interview with Jared Ball of DC, who is seeking the Green Party nod for Prez. They say that they are happy to interview all GP candidates for Prez, so If you are working on a campaign, you might want to contact them.

The national party also has coverage of Dave Lussier's apparent victory.

The national party also has a piece about Arlington, VA where Greens won more than 10% of the vote.

KPTM has coverage of Steve Larrick's plans to run for Senate from Nebraska, hoping to replace retiring Republican Chuck Hagel.

The Phoenix, a newspaper based in RI, has a piece about SKCM Curry, who is running for our VP nomination.

Again, the Wilders have written a great piece, this time about Green progress in IL. These guys make me wonder why I don't just forward this blog over to theirs.

I am listening to Ummagumma at the moment...hey, old hippies are slow to change. *Grin* That's OK though...RATM is coming up next.

The Morris Daily Herald is also writing about the Green Party in IL.

Amazing what winning better than 10% of the vote for Governor has done for the GP in IL. All the Greens in IL and across the nation who helped Rich Whitney in his campaign have my thanks.

KPTM points out that Nebraska Greens have an easier time of getting on the ballot, thanks to Doug Paterson's campaign for Sec. of State, where he won over 5% of the vote.

We are making progress folks, painfully slow, but we have the rest of our lives to get this nation and planet headed the right direction.

More to come, but again, I must hit the salt mines. Cash is King, right?
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