Thursday, December 06, 2007

Still catching up on news

It's amazing how much you can miss in only a few days worth of emails. OK, here we go again.

The Valley Advocate carries a letter from Tim McKee, a leader in the Green Party in CT.

The Daily Texan has a nice, if inaccurate in some details, article about Rep. McKinney and the Green Party.

The Wilders have an article about the Green Party's support for reparations for decedents of enslaved Africans.

The Nation has run an article about Rep. McKinney and her possible GP nomination.

American Observer has an article about the Green Party Presidential primary in DC.

The Third Estate Sunday Review (Maybe I should publish once a week...) writes about the IL Greens and their amazing success in finding and supporting dozens of candidates for the next election cycle.

Ballot Access News reports that the New Mexico Greens are on the ballot.

John Ruberry, who chooses to offer a quote from famed "Indian Killer" Andrew Jackson on his blog's masthead, writes that we Green are threatening Rep. By being so bold as to assume that a Green Party nominee should campaign for the seat she currently holds.

The Independent in New Jersey makes the claim that Green Party candidates "spoiled" their election. Geeze,,,how can we spoil elections by participating? I thought that was our right as Americans...indeed, our obligation.

Well, my tiny brain is telling me to let it go for tonight. Peace y'all...
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