Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dodd gets pissed, Greens benefit

The same blog post could read "Nader doesn't seek nod, Greens still in the news thanks to Nader"

In an article I looked at because it was on Yahoo! News, Christopher Dodd, Senator from CT is understandably upset at Senator Clinton and former Senator Edwards of NC for discussing plans to block him and other candidates from upcoming forums and debates.

I can't help but wonder if Dodd, Clinton or Edwards would say a PEEP about access to the presidential debates by any candidate on enough ballots to win the Electoral College if the people voted for her? This would make Nader, Libertarians, Greens, Democrats, Republicans, Unity 08? Bloomberg? Constitution Party? a part of the debate.

I'd be for it, but I kinda doubt the good Senators would feel the same way.

Here's why I say Greens benefit. The Number 2 story is about Ralph Nader addressing the Green Party convention. Despite telling the Presidential Campaign Support Committee that he will not be seeking the Green Party nomination, according to an email sent by Phil Huckleberry of IL, Nader went to Reading to address ballot access issues, and the Green Party was mentioned in positive light in each article I have read. I'll post others as I find them.

The point is, Dodd's story was linked to Nader's, and the Greens got mentioned as a result.

There was no mention of any of the people seeking the party nomination. There was no mention of Cobb, LaMarche, Camejo or even the local Green candidate for Mayor. This is not their fault. The GravyTrain Media are not about to cover us. Hell, they barely cover political issues at all! My local McClatchy outlet can go MONTHS without a SINGLE article about clean air, the Catawba River, local poverty, local governance etc. If they don't even cover something as expensive and impactful as building new roads, why should we expect them to ever cover we Greens?

We gotta do it without the GravyTrain Media.
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you folks elected bush - you are really clueless dickwads
Thank you for posting about Unity08!

Bob Roth
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