Thursday, July 12, 2007

If this doesn't scare ya, nothing will

According to a link I saw on my Yahoo mail the General Accounting Office set up a dummy corporation and wrote to the Nuclear regulatory Commission asking for permits to buy radioactive materials. Without ever physically visiting a NRC office or being physically inspected by the NRC, this dummy corporation was able to get permits to buy enough radioactive material to make a radioactive "dirty bomb" me a clean bomb and I'll kiss your bomb in the middle of Times Square.

Curious about how complex the sting was? The dummy corporation set up by the GAO used a UPS drop box as an address! Doesn't the NRC have access to Google Maps! Yahoo! Yellow Pages? Good GOD save us! No wonder so many anti-nuke folks I know don't put much stock in "government regulation"!

Want the full skinny? Click here.
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