Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7 seats, 7 candidates

The following have been submitted for GNC approval to serve on the Senatorial Campaign Committee:

Anita Wessling
Brent White
Dave Jette
Eric Oines
Jim Lendall
Marc Sanson
Teresa Keane

2 of 7 are female. This is starting to feel like an unwelcome trend.

The GNC delegates are voting now. To see the results, visit this link
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I know Marc, but I haven't heard of the others. Do I have it right in thinking that the Senatorial Campaign Committee can also contribute money to House candidates? I heard we don't have a separate campaign committee for House candidates.
Hey GreenCutip. Great to see you here.

I recognize many of the names. Jim Lendall, I *believe*, writes online some, although I may be remembering emails and not blogs. Brent White is also a name I recognize, as is Anita Wessling. I have a generally positive impression of all the above, but I am not 100% sure why.

Marc and I certainly don't agree with each other all the time, but like Phil Huckleberry, I have never doubted his motives and seldom his tactics.

I have no negative reactions to any of these names. I sure do hope they can all get along, and get things DONE. That, ~action~, is what we need most of all in my mind.

As to whether the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee can donate to House candidates, I don't know. I believe the same rules which apply to Dems and Repubs also apply to we Greens.

Frankly, I'd like to see some sort of evaluation done of every Green campaign across the nation so those who live where there are limits to local activities would be able to give to campaigns which have significant goals and a decent shot at reaching them.
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