Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jason Nabewaniec wants to be a national co-chair

Jason is a delegate to the Green National Committee representing New York. He announced on the GNC mailing list that he wanted to be elected co-chair, and made his appeal. It's behind the "Read more!" link.

I have not agreed with Jason on every detail of his arguments to the GNC, nor would I always vote as he does were I a member of the GNC. That said, in telephone and email conversations, he has always been reasoned and reasonable. It may be that others have submitted similar notices and I'll come across them as I look through three day's worth of messages. I trashed weeks worth, so I may have missed other such notices. If you know of any, please make me aware.

Based on what I know of Jason, I would endorse his candidacy. His website is right here. Jason's letter to the GNC is behind the "Read more!" link below.

Jason Nabewaniec
Candidate for Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States
Delegate from the Green Party of New York State

Contact Information:


Thank you to Jacqui Deveneau of the Maine Green Independent Party for nominating me for Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States.

I am running for Co-Chair because I wish to help GPUS budget and plan for a strong sustainable financial foundation that supports our core needs and basic functions. Engaging states, committees and delegates in fundraising along with setting fundraising as a priority will be a key to our growth and success. We should assess bringing in additional staff to assist and coordinate our fundraising efforts.

GPUS should have a multi-tiered budget that will release funds when they become available, with the released funds being earmarked based on a strategic plan. I also believe we need a comprehensive and tiered fundraising plan. We will have to be aggressive in spending towards fundraising. When we plan for aggressive fundraising we need to be assessing the risk, returns and timing of our efforts to minimize our
vulnerability and avoid continuing financial crisis’s.

As Co-Chair, I pledge to be an active participant in our fundraising efforts. I have already met with Brent McMillan for training on phone solicitations.

With improved management style and streamlined communications the GNC can become a body that can achieve great results. We need to monitor our committees’ ability to perform the core functions of the national party. The GNC needs to become both an effective and an efficient body. I hope to work with other members of the SC to provide the guidance and possibly proposals to improve our effectiveness.

I joined the Green Party in 2000, and I have never been a member of another political party. I strongly believe in the Green Party and its values.

I currently Chair the Green Party of Genesee County, and have previously served as Chair of the Green Party of Monroe County. I also currently the Chair of the Green Party of New York State’s Campaign Committee and have served on numerous Green candidates campaign committees. I have been a delegate to the Green National Committee since December, 2004 and serve on the Merchandise Committee and the By-Laws, Rules, Policy and Procedure Committee of which I am a former Co-Chair.

I hope you are willing to support me and I ask for your vote for Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States. I look forward to seeing everyone in Reading, Pennsylvania!

-jason nabewaniec, delegate from ny
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