Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On a more important note

The GNC also voted to elect folks to the committee which will tabulate the votes for Steering Committee. They are as follows:

Alred Mollison
Esther Choi
Kai Schwandes
Mike Gillis
Tony Affigne

I wish these five the best of luck in their task. Hopefully the 20% representation of women is not a trend. I don't take the GNC to task for this because, I *think*, the people on the ballot were self-nominated, and no one can be charged with sexism if one sex chooses to take a pass on such a responsibility...then again, I kinda figured that the Women's Caucus would help us find qualified women to serve in such posts.

Oh yeah...the Women's Caucus is like the Black Caucus, Youth Caucus, Disability Caucus and Latino Caucus...a paper entity at best.

Except, they get to vote on national issues, as does the BC.

The only caucus which can lay claim to legitimate party building is the Lavender Caucus. And more than one member of that caucus has told me privately that they would be fine with disbanding the official caucus and replacing it with a unofficial group by the same name. It's the work that counts, not the "power".
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