Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brief update

I hope that you will accept my apology for not doing any blogging of late. There has been much to discuss, and I hope to be able to do so soon.

I believe I can be more direct in discussing what's going on now. My father-in-law had lung cancer surgery in February, and the day after he returned home from the hospital my mother-in-law suffered a massive stroke.

Since then we have been driving to and from Florida to help them. Finally, last week, we were able to bring them to live with us. As you might imagine, family and health issues are our highest priority.

I'll get back to blogging regularly as soon as I can.


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I'm sorry for your family's hardship and hope all will be better for you and your family Gregg.

Hey, Greg, I've been absent from the Green blogosphere for a while, but not because of anything dire. I'm sorry to hear about all your family's medical troubles, and I sincerely hope your parents make a decent recovery. It's gotta be rough for you and them both.

Take care of yourself, and go watch a funny movie or take yourself out to lunch every so often.
Thanks Walter and Deirdre. I appreciate the kind words.

All these medical difficulties convince me more and more that health care and how to pay for it MUST be a main part of the Green Party's future.

Everyone, "Conservative Christian" to "Liberal Muslim" to "Moderate Jew" to "Extremist Hindu" to "UnGodly Atheists" faces healthcare issues, and for almost ALL of us, the outcome is unsatisfactory.
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