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but it should be in your "in box". Go to and search for it, and sign up. For now, this edition includes news that we have never had more elected Greens in our history, in part thanks to WI and IL. Hit the "Read more!" link for all the details...

Most Green Officeholders 'Ever' -
Thanks to Recent Victories in Wisconsin and Illinois!

The Green Party now has 230 officeholders, the most ever thanks to elections this month in Wisconsin and Illinois. In Wisconsin, seven out of fourteen Green Party candidates won election on April 3, bringing the total of Wisconsin Green elected officials to twenty- two. Pete Karas, endorsed by the Kenosha/Racine Green Party, won re- election in a tight race for alderperson in District 9 of the Racine Common Council.

Four out of five Green women candidates, all endorsed by Four Lakes Green Party, won seats on the Madison Common Council. Brenda Konkel, who ran unopposed for re-election, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Robbie Webber, and Marsha Rummel were all victorious on April 3rd. "The Madison's sixth district overwhelmingly showed support for progressive and green values, said Rummel. "I'm honored and look forward to serving the next 2 years. My priorities are affordable housing, water quality, jobs that support families, and government that supports the people."

Tony Palmeri, endorsed by the Lake Winnebago Green Party, came in second out of 6 candidates running for 3 seats, earning a place on the Oshkosh Common Council. "This is a victory for the Green agenda - open government, and social and economic justice, which were the themes of my campaign", said Palmeri. "Oshkosh voters made it clear
they want a progressive, forward looking council."

Amy Heart, endorsed by the Portage County Green Party, won her race for Stevens Point Common Council.

In Illinois, three out of six Illinois Green Party members were elected on April 17th, Robert Braam was elected as Trustee of the Manhattan Public Library District, receiving 107 votes as a write-in. Kris Campbell won reelection to the Poplar Grove Village Trustee. With 340 votes (20%), Campbell was second in a six-way race for three seats. Carol Larson earned 3,370 votes (53.74%) and was the top vote-getter for three seats on the Oak Lawn-Hometown School Board. Larson and Braam join Campbell, Dale Bowen (Winnebago Public Library Trustee), Jim Long (Kirby Park School Board) and Jon Murray (Mt. Morris Village Trustee) on the list of Illinois Green Party elected

So far this year, the Green Party has elected fourteen officeholders, bringing our total number of officeholders to 230, the most in Green Party history.

Greens Call for Efforts to Curb Global Warming

Green Party leaders, are in favor of a massive conversion of the US economic system to curb the threat of global warming in the coming decades. You can read the Green Party press release here.

Greens can help stop the privatization of our water. All across the United States, municipal water systems are being bought up by multinational corporations, turning one of our last remaining public commons and our most vital resource into a commodity.

The road to privatization is being paved by our own government. The Bush administration is actively working to loosen the hold that cities and towns have over public water, enabling corporations to own the very thing we depend on for survival.

Read the rest of the story at AlterNet, Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water By Tara Lohan, Posted on April 25, 2007, Printed on April 27, 2007.

Greens Get Ready for May 1st

Electing Renée will help push the pro-corporate City Council to really examine the issues that affect working-class District families in Ward 4 and throughout this fine City. She is tired of the massive gentrification being tauted as the way forward. We need community level development with an eye for sustainability and accountability.

She will take her years of service as ANC Commissioner, political activist, and union member to provide a much needed ethical and progressive voice in District politics. For more information go to

Mayor Jason West drew worldwide attention in 2004 when he took the courageous stand of marrying same sex couples in New Paltz, NY. Under West's tenure as Mayor, New Paltz is a leading the way in developing renewable energy resources and affordable housing programs for the city and is setting an example for new progressive leadership at the municipal level. Help reelect Jason on May 1st. For more information go to

Maryland Greens help Pass Paper Ballot Bill
'A Victory for Democracy'

69% of Maryland voters support a paper trail for elections. Thanks to the efforts of, founded by Maryland Green Party member and candidate Linda Schade, the Maryland Green Party, and others the MD State Legislature listened. On April 10 the Maryland House and Senate unanimously passed bill SB392/HB18 requiring a voter verified paper trail by 2010. " was founded four years ago in order to create elections that voters in Maryland could trust," said Linda Schade, "I'm pleased that we've made significant progress tonight."

The final bill ensures that any new voting system certified for use must include a voter verified paper record. The bill requires an optically scannable paper ballot marked by hand or with the help of a ballot marking device. The final bill also ensures that disabled voters will be able to vote independently and privately. The bill is expected to save Maryland taxpayer money as studies have shown that
operating costs for optical scanning equipment are 30% to 40% lower than the cost of Maryland's current touch screen machines.

Maryland Green Tim Willard presented testimony in support of the bill stating "A paper trail would allow for a meaningful recount in the event of local elections or in the event of votes lost by the machines or the cards that record the votes. Several recent elections have ended in controversy when close votes could not be recounted or alleged irregularities checked. Without a paper trail, these problems
are impossible to resolve".

The Maryland Green Party lobbied in support of the Paper Ballot Bill as part of their legislative agenda. For more information on check out:
The Maryland Legislature also passed the nation's first statewide Living Wage bill on the same day. The Green Party of the United States advocates for access to Living Wage Jobs for all.

Plan to attend National Meeting in Reading, Pa

Please visit the online registration store to register for the national meeting (to be held in Reading, Pa. on July 12-15) and purchase meals and event passes. You can click here to register.

We're meeting at the Abraham Lincoln Wyndham Hotel ( Don't forget you'll need to mention that you are attending the Green Party meeting when you make your reservations. Or, you can place the following code into the Group Code box when making your online reservations: 0712823PA.

Please visit for details about directions, local shops, restaurants and other attractions in the Reading, PA area. This website was established by the Berks County Green Party for the national meeting.

Green Party Initiates Impeachment Petition

The Geen Party has been opposed to the war in Iraq from before it started and we have called for impeachment almost as long. You can now sign the recently created Green Party Petition to Impeach Bush and Cheney here:

Please go here ( to write your congress person or local newspaper using the Green Party automated system.

Green Party Animal Mascot???

Forget Republican elephants and Democrat donkeys it's time we have our own animal mascot to represent the Greens! The Animal Mascot will not replace either the Sunflower nor the Earthflower symbols but rather be an addition to them. The Green Party will elect it's Green Party Animal Mascot in 2007. The nominations process is open to all Greens. If you have not done so already, please email your nomination
for the Green Party Mascot to mascot@gp.organd help spread the word.

feedback and content suggestions should be sent to:

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