Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Fundraising Plan

There is almost nothing less fun than asking people to give money. I would much rather ask someone to buy something at a generous profit. Instead of "giving" $20, why not "buy" a tie-tack or lapel pin for $25? Instead of giving a hundred, why not buy a complete set of DVDs from national conventions for $250? Instead of giving $500, why not buy a full page advert in Green Pages for a thousand?

Anyway, there is a lot at risk right now, and every Green who can should give as much as possible. Frankly, if you can give $25,000, I wish you would do so today. Hit the "Donate to the Green Party" link at the top, regardless of how much you may be able to give.

Anyone who gives $25,000 gets a free car wash from yours truly. :-)

(Just wait and see...someone from Alaska who owns a Winnebago will give the $25,000 just to make me feel like an idiot. ~Grin~)

Well, if you have some real ideas of how to raise the money we need to keep reaching for our goals, leave a message here, or as always, drop me a note at GreggJocoy29715@yahoo.com
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