Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thoughts on the Green National Committee

Proposal 272 (Sets new rules for deciding how many delegates each state gets via a formula instead of by population and number of locals) has generated a lot of silly and some serious discussion on the GNC mailing lists. This is a repeat of how it was in 2004 if my memory serves. The Cobb folks had led the Accreditation Committee, the Delegate Apportionment Committee and other committees, but butted heads with some on the GNC. Eventually, everyone but them ran out of steam, and the decision was made.

I still think the GNC should hold a vote on what they think is the optimal number of delegates, say 100, say 50, say 200...whatever.

Then allow each state to "claim" a number of delegates, and provide the names of people willing to serve. If FL has seven experienced people who can help move the Green Party forward, and they think they deserve and can defend that number, let them present the proposal. Likewise from every other state.

Tally up all the delegates each state **wants** and can fill with quality folks (that leaves me out), and if the number is greater than the set number of delegates, ask the states to consider and try to re-figure until we reach consensus. May take several months, and should always be open to flux as people change positions.

I'd personally like to see an end to long-term delegates with term limits. Likewise, I'd like to end caucus representation.
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