Saturday, April 14, 2007

Buffalo, NY to get ethanol plant

And of course, the local Greens are all excited, right?

No. Many Greens perceive gasohol to be a long way to get pollution. First, use highly intensive farming techniques, and likely genetic modifications, to give us the biggest possible yields of energy. Land formerly farmed for feed stock will go to alcohol production, and the cost of corn fed meets of all sorts will rise.

And in the end, you're still burning stuff to move a vehicle, and we should be working hard to get beyond that within fifteen years. Human survival is going to require eliminating something akin to 98% reductions in the impact we have on the planet. Sustainability helps do that. A huge home built properly can house eight or ten people, and survive basically unchanged with minor repairs for hundreds of years. Even if the house were huge, the length of time it will be serving to shelter human beings makes it sustainable.

Anyway, the Buffalo News reports on the story here They also quote a local Green:
Attorney Judith Einach, Green Party mayoral candidate in 2005, accused ethanol proponents of spreading inaccurate information about the benefits of the alternative fuel and of skirting the negatives. For one thing, Einach said, plants that use vast amounts of corn to make ethanol could cause dramatic increases in food prices.
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