Saturday, April 14, 2007

AR Sec of State happy with new laws

Frankly, reading words like that scares me. If the Sec of State likes something, how likely is it that it's not screwing the Green Party and independents?

Well, over at the The Morning News, they say that the changes made in response to a successful Green Party court case.

Why are they OK with it? Because, while they lowered the numbers of signatures needed to establish a political party to 10,000, they shortened the number of days to gather them. The result is, the former plan, which was unconstitutional, required the party to gather 161 signatures a day, while the new law would require gathering 167 signatures a day.

Shouldn't you be able to send the legislature to jail for deliberately passing laws they know are unconstitutional?

This is a complicated political landscape we must operate in, and I am always so thrilled when we win power and do our jobs really well.
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