Sunday, April 15, 2007

272 appears headed for passage

This proposal would expand the size of the Green National Committee and do several other things. Much of what it does is address problems each person had on earlier attempts, but the 200 person figure never went away.

The Green National Committee is in need of fundamental reform. We don't need 20 people getting most of what gets done to be hindered by the 80 current delegates who never share alternatives or opinions, never propose anything, and don't always vote. Now we propose to increase the group's size to 200, and if they are lucky, they will be able to get 30 people to do the work, and 170 to hang around the other's necks like a mill stone.

Listen, I'm OK with this proposal. Let's give it a run, but we need an internal reform / re-design group not in the party leadership to re-think...what do we want? How can we get independents to vote for us? How will we get non-voters to begin? These are the real issues, and unless and until everyone with a GP job to do has her or his hands full do we need to expand the ranks of those we intend to put into leadership.
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