Saturday, April 14, 2007

kat swift drops out of the Green Party presidential race

This seems like big news to me folks. I just read at My San Antonio, kat announced that she is no longer in the running for the presidential slot. Instead, she is campaigning for District 1 City Council. kat, 33, is a long time activist in San Antonio.

Before you groan about kat swift's non-use of capitalization in her name, read this:
Beck Steiner, head of the local Sierra Club's political committee, is impressed with swift. Her answers to its candidates questionnaire were "the most complete and accurate" he'd seen so far this campaign season.

But he said that doesn't mean she's a shoo-in for the Sierra Club's endorsement, which will be awarded based on a candidate's stand on key environmental issues but also political acumen.

"She's going to be the greenest candidate," Steiner said, "but is she electable?"

But after his committee interviewed swift, he noted: "It looks like she's getting a lot more support than we'd anticipated."
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