Saturday, April 14, 2007

More exciting news from CT

Ralph Ferrucci is running for Mayor of New Haven, CT. The New Haven Register says that this brings a total of four candidates in the race.

The Yale Daily News also has a story about Ralph getting into the race. The article says that Ralph participated in an online forum based in the New Haven community, answering readers questions and responding with answers up to 2000 words in length. It was at the conclusion of that process that he decided to run again.

Last time he ran against the mayor, Ralph won 15% of the vote on an $800 budget.

Ferrucci is planning to use public funding for his campaign. That will bring his campaign something like $15,000, still way less than a privately funded mayoral campaign can spend, but a lot more than $800! Plus, there are apparently corruption issues involved too. If only they had Instant Runoff Voting or some other form of voting reform. Even as it is, Ralph is a Green Party stalwart, and New Haven has elected Greens to municipal office before, so Go Get 'em Ralph!
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Keep at it. He just might win, but just running well can spark changes in policy and changes in process like instant runoff voting -- just ask Burlington, Vermont, which now has both a Progressive Party mayor and instant runoff voting
It's strange that you would want Instant Runoff Voting, as a Green supporter, since it leads to two-party duopoly.

Third parties should be desperately working to get Range Voting.

As the Libertarian Caucus knows, getting Range Voting is the number one issue for third parties.

Clay Shentrup
San Francisco, CA
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