Friday, January 20, 2006

National Co-Chair Voting Soon

At the National Committee webpage there is an announcement that the National Committee is in the middle of the discussion phase of electing someone to fill the post left on the Steering Committee by the ill-fated Tulsa vote. Those nominated to be co-chair, and those who nominated them, can be found by...yes..."Read more!" clicking...Now I won't begin to pretend that I understand this crap. To me, the party structure needs independent examination. We suffered through a year with at least one inactive steering committee member a couple of years back, and the current situation detracts from the real work of taking power from the rapists who have it now and using it to empower average folks to control their own lives.

We can't afford to continue with this sort of garbage. Sometimes someone needs to be strong enough, or humble enough, to let the other side win. Demanding, or even expecting, to win every time is in itself a sign of self-centeredness and immaturity. As a compulsive gambler, I can tell you that I know what self-centered and immature looks like, and I see it in far too many Green "leaders" on all sides of the issues.

Anyway, here are the three people who were nominated to serve as co-chairs and the people who nominated them:

Matt Able of the Michigan Greens was nominated by Pat LaMarche of the Maine Green Independent Party He has accepted the nomination.

Jason Nabewaniec of the Green Party of New York State was nominated by Greg Gerritt of the Rhode Island Greens He has not accepted the nomination.

Budd Dickinson of the Green Party of California was nominated by Dee Berry of the Progressive Party of Missouri He has not accepted the nomination.

Both Nabewaniec and Budd have until January 29th to accept the nomination. No other nominations are allowed.

Candidate Information will be posted to the national website later, and posted again here after that. The voting will be conducted using free software and can be reviewed at Jonathan Lundell's Voting Page
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Don't want to open a can of worms but you should probably mention that Kristen Olson, one of the two 'winners' of the 'vacant' seventh seat, was nominated but declined the nomination. Tom Sevigny, the other 'winner' has since resigned from the GNC.
Should we be a bit worried? Olson and Sevigny are out for obvious reasons and the first two were nominated by Cobb supporters of course.
Those "obvious reasons" aren't that obvious. Sevigny is dealing with some apparently divisive and nasty dealings within the Green Party of Connecticut that have resulted in the resignation of two other officers of the state party in addition to his own. I don't know any more of the particulars there, but I was very disappointed to see him go. Olson is apparently being told not to run by GDI or is not doing so out of affinity with GDI. It's a shame, because I think she's a fine candidate and well-qualified.
I am a bit skeptical about your claim that Olson is not doing so because of her involvement with GDI. I used to be on the GDI mailing list and remember how everyone there was bothered by how she and Sevigny were having problems with this situation. And I'm sure that people who agree with the GDI proposals see it as a good thing to have people who are for them on the committee. There is not one reason for them to not want that to happen. Sounds like someone is getting their info. from lousy sources.
Well, I can only say that if Kristen Olson decided to accept the nomination, she would have to get 50% of the vote in an IRV race. Instead, we're facing a proposal by GDI delegates to change some earlier, already passed proposals and essentially declare Kristen the winner in Tulsa - which requires a two-thirds majority to overturn. Even if you try to say it's only a 50% proposal - which the presenters are attempting to do, without much success - it's actually much easier to have Kristen just stand in the election and argue that anybody who agrees with them should vote for her.
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