Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just for fun

Back in the day I was a member of the Citizens Party in Athens, GA. One day a fellow showed up for a meeting, and refused to come into the host's home because she had some hamburger in her freezer. He couldn't understand why we wouldn't all come outside to hold our meeting so he could participate, since he couldn't be inside a building that housed meat.

Do we make ourselves seem weird sometimes? Or, are we just being ourselves? Hit "Read more!" to see what you think...

The media, and other politicians, love to make us look as though we are outside the mainstream. They do the same with out allies. Environmentalists, unionized, feminists, and progressives of every stripe are portrayed as being strange, foreign even. The article you can read by clicking here asks the question: are we alienating average folks, or recognizing that there is no such thing as "average folks" these days...or, is it something else entirely going on here?
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There is a trade-off. You are certainly not doing yourself any favors if you "purity" yourself out of politics. We are not at a point where we can scour the McDonald's looking for Greens so we can toss them out of the Party...and I don't think we ever should be at that point.

However, you can also observe the Republicrat solution to the problem: eject them and marginalize them as soon as possible. The David Duke example of several years ago is illustrative: Duke ran a campaign for President that was a profound embarrassment to the Republican Party, as he was a fairly unabashed racist who nonetheless walked and talked the Republican Party line. Such honesty (and accuracy) was a bit too much for the GOP, and they instead damaged his campaign in ways that are worthy of a gang of Brownshirts. (We think we have it bad with the litigious Democrats keeping us off the ballot...I've heard from some Libertarians and moderate/outsider Republicans about what the GOP does, and it's absolutely chilling to think they can operate in such a fashion in a supposedly free country.)

You also don't want to "big-tent" your outsider elements, tossing them in the corner and just browbeating them into voting for you without heeding any of their concerns, as the Democrats do.

Ideally, we should build a broad campaign based on the Key Values, but try not to get too hung up on the methods used to bring them forward, and be accepting of these other methods within the context of our electoral movement.
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